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Farewell SG-1, catch you on the flip side

Well, apparently after 10 seasons the Big Wigs at the Sci-Fi network are cancelling Stargate SG-1…in my humble opinion it is The Best Show on TV at this time.  Apparently the afore mentioned Big Wigs would prefer to air bad movies about man-eating tuna fish than a thought-provoking series that has been a mainstay of many world-wide housholds for almost a decade.

I am not privy to any information inside MGM studios or the Sci-fi network, but I have to ask myself why the show is being cancelled.  Apparently the ratings have been an issue with a 20% drop in ratings for this season.  I am not a student of human nature.  I can not explain why the show has lost ground at such a rate; though I am sure there are several theories.  The fact of the matter is that even at the reduced ratings it was one of Sci-fi’s most popular shows.  (Somehow second to Stargate Atlantis).  So instead of trying to rescue the show with more advertising, memorabelia sales or a less competative time slot they decided to cut and run.

Unfortunately this just re-enforces my view of TV Execs as mindless imbicils who probably do not watch the shows they air.

To their credit it looks like MGM is not giving up.  They are looking at other networks and possible movies with the popular crew.  They have even thought of creating a third series.  They are not prepared to cut the cash cow loose. Do you think Paramount and the Star Trek franchise could take a few pointers?.

Sci-fi network is renewing Stargate Atlantis.  Hopefully Samantha Carter, Teal’c and Daniel Jackson (and maybe even that new guy) can at least show up every once and a while to save the galaxy.


October 5, 2006 - Posted by | Sci-Fi

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