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It was 4:30 in the morning on a mild weekend.  We were visiting Gram in Virginia when Melody got up for her normal 4:00 feeding (she is down to 2 feedings a night and sometimes (rarely) only one).  My wife took the child out of the guest room so that I could continue to sleep as the wonderful woman is prone to do.  After feeding Melody, my wife noticed that she felt warm to the touch.  After taking her temperature at 103 degrees Fahrenheit my wife confirmed her finding with a second reading then called our doctor back in North Carolina who told her that Melody needed to go in to the hospital.

So at 4:30 she got me up to take them both to the hospital and asked Gram to take care of Dante while we were gone.

I know that it is scary to take any child to the ER, but a six week old girl was particularly frightening.  Luckily the ER was not busy.  To her credit Melody barely cried during the observation (which somehow added to my concern).  Four hours and one spinal tap later she was being admitted for viral meningitis.

According to the doctor we caught it in the first few hours.  She was in the hospital for 48 hours for observation, but the meds and care from the staff of the local hospital took care of the infection before it became anything truly serious.

I will forever be in awe of my wife’s ability to tell when something is wrong with one of our children.

As for the doctors and staff int he ER and pediatrics ward…you have my eternal thanks and appreciation for the support you gave my ailing daughter.


October 11, 2006 - Posted by | The Kids

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