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When Dante was about 16 months old we finally got sick of the static that accompanied the 900 MHz baby monitor that we had for him.  We went out to the Incredibly Big Baby Storeand got a new 2.4 GHz monitor from Graco.  The new monitor worked great.  The sound was clear and there was only the minimum crackling when we went down stairs.

My wife and I are the kind of people that when we find something that works we stick with it.  When Melody was born we chose to use the same model.  Right on the box the product reassured us that we could use two separate systems.

However, the new baby monitor had a lot of interference.  It lost the signal on a semiregular basis.  When it loses the signal it beeps…just like my alarm clock (just try to get back to sleep when you have been conditioned that the beep means the day is beginning).  We tried to ignore it, and we made it over 7 weeks.

After some experimentation my wife and I came to the conclusion that if we held the monitor, the signal was much better and rarely crackled (and never lost signal).  So my wife asked “What do we have that is like my hand that we can tape to the monitor?”

This was at 2:00 in the morning…my only response was “We have an aluminum fence outside, maybe some of the leftover material?”  OK, so I am paraphrasing here…but you get the idea.

At this point she gets out of bed and walks downstairs.  By now I am curious.  Is she actually going to try to tape some fence to monitor? But I didn’t hear the miter saw.  She came back upstairs.  I heard some rustling and the signal cleared up.

I will always be in awe of my wife.  She went down to the kitchen, grabbed some aluminum foil and gave the baby monitor rabbit ears…and it WORKED.

I guess sometimes thinking “Outside the Box” means “Think 1950’s”


October 20, 2006 - Posted by | The Kids

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