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When my son was born we wanted to choose a name that was unusual…without being weird.  We wanted a name where he would be the only one in his class, but he wouldn’t get picked on either. Also, we wanted a middle name that would be common.  If the child wanted to be “ordinary” he could go by his middle name.  If he liked being unique, he could keep his first name.

My wife and I decided on the middle name first.  “Jacob” came from the character “Jake Sisko” on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  The first name my wife and I simply tossed out names to see if we liked them.  We considered “Martin”, “Dean”, “Magnus” among others.

One day, I was watching a sitcom when I saw a character named “Dante”.  I immediately thought of Dante Alighieri who wrote The Davine Comedy. I suggested it to my bride and she agreed that it was a good name. Not only could be go by “Dante” or “Jake” but he could also be “DJ”.

This all sounds good, except that the sitcom I was watching was Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

So, when we were expecting for the second time my wife and I wanted to duplicate our approach to naming.  An unusual (but not weird) first name with a common middle name.  We started early trying to decide on a name (before we were actually pregnant).  The first name that somewhat stuck was a boy’s name…”Apollo”.  The inspiration again came from TV.  In this case Battlestar Galactica.  My wife, being the geek she is, thought NASA.  Both were good, so it went on to the “Maybe” list.  Ultimately the name was too weird for us to use, but being nerds, we decided to call the unborn fetus (ungendered) “Apollo” until we determined the gender, then give a more normal name.  So the second child became our own little Apollo mission.

My brother has decided to call Melody “Apollo” for this reason.

We decided on a boy’s name pretty early.  Isaac Benjamin.  Isaac after the master Isaac Asimov(and maybe a call out to Isaac Newton).  Benjamin after the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character “Captain Ben Sisko”.  This combination would give our second child initials of I.B.M. which also attracted the geek in my wife and I.

When we found out that the fetus was a girl-type fetus we had to find a good girl’s name.  My wife had mentioned a girl’s name back when we were both in college.  “Melody” was a good name.  Somewhat unusual without being weird.  So we only needed a common middle name.  This is where the Internet came in handy.  The Social Security Administration and Baby Name Wizard have tools that provide the popularity of the top 1000 names given in the U.S.  Looking at the top 10 list for 2004 we found “Madison”.  My wife and I are both graduates of James Madison University (2004 1-AA Football national champions).  This also gave Melody initials of M.M.M.

There it is.  That is how the children were named.  Do you think we put too much thought in to this or what?


October 23, 2006 - Posted by | The Kids

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