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Redskins #1 Problem: Selfish Players

I want to speak for a moment about Mark Brunell, the quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

I am not going to call for his replacement (at least not yet).  I am not going to say that he is washed up (he isn’t).  I am not going to say that he is the only problem with this year’s Redskins (he most definitely is not).  But I am going to harp on his one critical flaw.

 He is a tough guy (or wants to be).

Mark is not washed up, however he is at a point in his career where his arm isn’t enough to complete passes.  He can still fire a football in to a tight space, but he NEEDS his legs under him to do so.  This means two things:

  1. His offensive line needs to give him space to step up when he throws the football.
  2. He can’t play hurt.

If he is hurt he will under-throw the ball and/or be late with deliveries…leading to incompletions or worse (I won’t even say the word).  It doesn’t even matter where he is hurt.  The throwing motion that Mark requires is a full body affair.  Even if his right wrist is hurting, he will not throw an accurate pass because it will hinder his follow through.  The problem is that he will not necessary share with his own coaching staff that he is hurt (say in the 2004 season).  I am pretty sure he is hurt right now (we won’t know until next year). He is also either too stupid (unlikely) or scared (of loosing his job) to take himself out of a game where he is being a hindrance.  Has Gibbs not shown that he is willing to stick with him?  Note to Mark: Get well and come back healthy…and ready to play.

Do I think that he should be replaced?  No.  I think he needs to heal himself if he is hurting.  I also think that the offensive line, especially Chris Samuels, needs to do a better job of protecting him.  If this season is going to be salvaged then Mark is the one to do it.

If the Redskins lose two more games, then I think the kid should get a shot (I’ll learn his name after he takes a professional snap).  By then the playoffs will be completely out of reach (as they are now simply highly unlikely) and there will be no harm in giving him some snaps…readying for next year.


October 26, 2006 - Posted by | Football, Redskins, Sports


  1. Even though I’m a Giants fan, I would LOVE to see Campbell play, just cause he was so awesome to watch in the one or two games I saw him play in college. I thought that Todd Collins was your backup though. Is he gone?

    Comment by offseason | October 26, 2006 | Reply

  2. Collins in the back-up, but that is all he is. In his first pre-season game as a Redskin he threw an interception and took a sack in the endzone on two of his first three plays. If they are really going to grow the Redskins to a place of honor once again then there
    is no reason to put Collins in the game.

    Campbell played well in the preseason and he is supposed to be the “QB
    of the future”. My thinking is that once the skins are eliminated
    from contention they might as well give the “QB of the future” some
    game-time experience.

    Thanks for the comment…you are my first one (*snif*)

    Comment by m2morgan64 | October 27, 2006 | Reply

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