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Cowboy Week

As any Redskins fan knows this week is “Cowboys Week”.  That’s right.  The Redskins play the Cowboys this week.

This used to be a rivalry going back to before the Cowboys even existed.  The Redskins owner at the time tried to block the addition of the Cowboys team.  But a rivalry is built on two things.

1) Mutual disdain

2) Competition

The Cowboys lead the series 54-34-2 at this time.  The Cowboys have a 20 game lead over my beloved Redskins.  Prior to last year the Redskins had not won a game against their biggest rival in many moons.  I’m not sure that you can call that “competitive”.

There used to be a mutual dislike (putting it mildly) between not only Redskins and Cowboys fans, but also the players themselves.  These teams played each other twice a year, every year.  Because there was little free agency the same players were involved each year.  So if one player pushed another during a game then that would only build the rivalry.

Now with free agency this year’s Redskins team doesn’t have a lot of similarities to the team two years ago.  There isn’t a chance to build that mutual dislike between the players.  They are only entertainers now on a whirlwind tour of NFL cities.  The players don’t care about rivalries because next year they may be a part of the other team.

These two teams hit a lull in winning at the same time.  During the lean years the rivalry dissolved.

Gone are the days when the fans chant “We want the Cowboys” at the end of a game.  Instead it is just another game, despite the media’s attempt to make it something more.  The fact of the matter is a 2-5 team is playing a 4-3 team.

 Bring on the Cowboys…it’s just another game.


November 2, 2006 - Posted by | Football, Redskins, Sports

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