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Part 2 of 31 – 2008 SuperBowl Pick

Indianapolis Colts

 OK, I am sure I am not alone in believing that the Colts could repeat.  They have been dominant highly competitive for several years now.  Their salary cap situation doesn’t exactly allow them to play around in free agency, but they should be able to retain their core players.  They will still have Payton Manning, who finally has the Dan Marino monkey off his back.  And he looks like he may have figured out how to win against Tom Brady (Off subject: Ironic that Brady was a late round draft pick while Manning was a first rounder isn’t it)  It looks like they will still have Tony Dungy.  If I wanted a safe bet for next year’s Superbowl champ, it would probably be the Colts.

Now for the cold water.  It is difficult enough to repeatas the SuperBowl champs without the salary cap in the way.  If you ignore the Patriots (and lets),  only the Broncos have been able to repeat(1998/1999) with the salary cap.  The Colts have been spending on Salary for many years.  Eventually they are going to have to pay the piper (Someone should tell Dan Snyder this also).  The Patriots have been the exception.  They are fiscally responsible AND competitive (sort of anti-Redskins).  The Colts have been competitive just as long as the Patriots, but the Colts have been spending while the Patriots have been saving.


February 20, 2007 - Posted by | Football, Sports, SuperBowl

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