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Part 19 of 31 – Superbowl Pick – New England Patriots

You may have noticed that I have picked a vast majority of AFC teams for my Superbowl Pick thus far.  In fact, the Pats are the last AFC team.  It seems like a safe bet.  The AFC has dominated the Superbowl in recent years…no doubt making up for the drought that was the mid 80s to the mid 90s.

Overall, the NFC still shows a slight advantage…of the 41 Superbowls played, 22 have been won by NFC teams (I think, some teams have switched conferences and I am not sure if one of those switchers won).

But the AFC has been on a roll.  Over the last 10 games (after the aformentioned drought), the AFC is 8-2.

That bodes well for New England.  I was discounting them last year because they lost both coordinators.  I thought that part of what made Belichick such a good coach was the support of his assistant coaches.  There certainly was a drop-off, but no more so than any time you have a massive change in management.  They certainly could rebound. 

I also like the QB.  Tom Brady was a late round draft pick…a testimate to the difficulties in truly evaluating talent.  He was an underdog to make an NFL team when coming out of college…now he leads the most recent “Dynasty” (Granted playing in a weak conference probably helps).

I am not a person who jumps on bandwagons…I have been a Redskins fan through the lean decade and a half (who would have thought that Norv Turner would be the High Point in a 15 year span).  But if I had to pick a second favorite team it would be the Panthers (I do live in Charlotte after all).  My Third Favorite would probably be the Patriots.


May 17, 2007 - Posted by | Football, Sports, SuperBowl

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