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Love at First Sight?

I try to be a moral individual.  I don’t discriminate based on gender, race, religion (despite my previous posts) or sexual orientation.  Being a nerd I have faced a bit of intolerance (though I realize a far cry from the prejudices faced by other minority groups).

That being said, there are individual traits that I find difficult to coexist with.  Primarily boisterousness, irrationality and stupidity.  If I discriminate against any individual it would be based on intelligence (not education, intelligence…there is a distinct difference).

For reasons unknown to me I started to think of the concept of “Love at First Sight” when I was evaluating my own character flaws…specifically the one stated above.   On the one hand I find the concept difficult to accept.  How can you tell if you are intellectually compatible with a person based on their looks?  How can you tell if he/she has a good sense of humor?  Responsibility?  Emotional maturity?

I will gladly admit to being attracted to my future wife the first time I saw her in the basement of our Freshman dormitory…she is a beautiful woman.  But I don’t think I fell for her until I got to know her (though it took me a lot less time than it took her).

But at the same time she isn’t exactly the girl I thought I would marry.  Though she is close.

She is a little taller than I thought my wife would be (I like petite women and she is almost as tall as I am).  She doesn’t have a supermodel’s build (though that was less important to me than intellectual compatibility obviously).  She is a brunette, but my first crush was a redhead and for some reason I have always preferred carrot tops.  That being said I do prefer brunettes to blonds…I don’t know why. 

That’s pretty much it.

When I ask my wife about her “Mr. Right”…the man she thought she would marry, she can’t give me a straight answer.  I don’t think it is because she is protecting my feelings.  I just don’t think she gave it much thought.  My wife…from the age of 12…wanted to be a doctor.  Her career was all she really thought about. She wanted to have kids by the time she was 30 (we barely made it).  But she didn’t have a preconceived man in mind.  She never quite became a doctor, but she does work in the medical industry (indirectly) which she finds fulfilling.

We have been married for 8 years, have been a “couple” for over a decade and been friends for 12 years , 5 months and 17 days (OK, that is an approximation, but it was some time in mid-December 1994). 

I know this post has been rather rambling.  I wanted to end with particularly cheesy statements about how much I love my wife.  And after all that time, two kids and bouts of depression (both hers and mine), I do love my wife.  But my cheesyness is failing me now.  So instead I will end with this:

Love ya babe.


June 5, 2007 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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