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Part 27 of 31 – Superbowl Pick – St. Louis Rams

OK, pretty much from here on out I have a reason for wanting each of my Superbowl picks to win…except for the Rams.

They are pretty much a team that I know nothing about.

So, here is my reasoning:

Before Dante was born my wife and I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas.  One last fling before we became parents.  We left from a small airport in Weyer’s Cave, VA.  An hour long flight took us to Pittsburgh where we missed our connecting flight (still havn’t forgiven US Air for this).

They gave us some meal vouchers and a flight to another city that left in 5 hours.

So…we waited.  The Pittsburgh airport is a nice airport, complete with a mall.  But it is still difficult to spend 5 hours in an airport…with a pregnant wife.

Finally we got on our plane and went to the layover city where we had to spend three hours.  By the time we got there though all the food places were closed and we were starving.

Finally we got a first class flight to Las Vegas…but no dinner was served on the flight.  When we finally got to the hotel we had been traveling for 24 hours (on the nose) and they only had a smoking room available.  My bride was queasy from all the flying and had an intolerance to smoke from the day she was born, but the pregnancy made it that much worse.  But hunger finally won out.  We got the smoking room, ordered room service and went to bed.  We got a non-smoking room the next day, but pretty much our luck was consistently bad the entire weekend.

The city where our layover was: St. Louis.  I even got to see the Gateway Arch when we took off.

As my father used to say… I spent an weekend in St. Louis one afternoon.

And that is why they will win the Superbowl.


June 5, 2007 - Posted by | Football, Sports, SuperBowl

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