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Last year I went to my Brother’s house in Richmond, VA one day in order to visit him.  We were planning on going to the UVa football game that weekend.  Little did I realize that the JMU vs. Richmond Spiders game was on the same day.Now, JMU has had more success in 1-AA (Division 1 subdivision) football than UVa has had in 1-A.  Last year UVa was too young.  As a result, they were especially bad.My brother had just gotten a Tivo and the UVa game was televised.  So in an act of true brotherly love and generosity we went to the JMU game.I am still trying to get him to go to a JMU game at JMU (which is far superior to U of R as far as an experience).  And despite his assumption that this would be “like a high school game” he enjoyed himself.  He even agreed with me that Justin Rascati (QB) may be able to make it as an NFL backup.  He especially liked the band which he isn’t usually in to.  But you’ve got to love it when 350+ band members move right up next to the stands and play as LOUD AS THEY CAN!  Even he could get behind that…especially when they did it directly at the U of R band (50ish members) during the half-time show.I am getting off topic here.  In order to go to the game I called the U of R ticket office.  I had wanted a ticket on the JMU sideline, but they accidentally gave me a ticket on the Home side.  The stadium wasn’t full, so we sat on the JMU side anyway.I didn’t realize how big a mistake they made until yesterday.I got a piece of mail asking if I wanted U of R season tickets from the Head Football coach (ok, I realize it was a form letter, but still).That made me giggle.  But I laughed out load when I realized that after his salutation was “Head Football CoachUniversity or RichmondVirginia” (emphasis mine)As a QA analyst it is my job to find mistakes.  Usually when I find a particularly interesting mistake I will let loose a sinister laugh.  For some reason, this got the same response.  I guess I was just feeling a bit superior…which isn’t difficult for a JMU fan when talking about U or R (typo intentional).


June 11, 2007 - Posted by | Football, JMU, Sports

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