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That “Meaning of Life” stuff

For those who actually get the reference…Kumtria!!!

You know, I think the Canines have figured out the meaning of life.  Think about it.  At least in my house they run the house.  They have no responsibilities and yet get all the food and treats they need (including a few they don’t.)  So here is what my dogs would think the meaning of life is:

1) Sparky – (85 lbs Lab/Border Collie) The meaning of life is being tall enough to reach anything on the kitchen counter and a nose that can open any door…including the pantry.

2) Peanut – (70 lbs Pure Lab) The meaning of life is a good tummy rub.

3) Honeybear (55 lbs Golden/Chow/Lion?) The meaning of life is goofin’.  Especially when Sparky starts to grump.

4) Sasha (45 lbs Gremlin/Lab/Jack Russell/Rott/????) The meaning of life is a house that accepts Gremlins and a human to lick obsessively.

But in all seriousness, I think the dogs do know the meaning of life.  To have someone to love and to be loved unconditionally.  What more can you expect out of life.  And the dogs have mastered it.


July 26, 2007 - Posted by | Random Thoughts, Wild Theory

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