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Joining the Band Wagon

Far too many years ago, the Redskins won a superbowl.  I know, not exactly new knowledge.  During the Super Bowl run, a columnest named Tony Kornheiser wrote a series of articles known as “The Bandwagon”.  The columns were meant as a joke, after all, he was calling for a Super Bowl win following the first game.  But as the season went on, more and more people jumped on.

For the record, I don’t think the Redskins are going to win the Super Bowl this season (The playoffs are not out of the question).  But I do think that JMU will win the 1-AA (Division 1 Champtionship Subdivision) championship.  They have a good QB that can outrun any linebacker (he proved that tima and again in Chapel Hill against UNC).  A good O-line, a quick defense and wide receivers that can actually catch the ball (The Redskins should be jealous) also contribute to my optamism.  They rose to beat a#5 ranked New Hampshire team (that later went on to beat 1-A Marshall).  And this past weekend, they handily beat a team (Virginia Military Institute) they were supposed to beat.  Beleive it or not, I was more worried about VMI than I was New Hampshire.  The Daily News Record (the local Harrisonburg, VA newpaper) was running ariticles that portrayed VMI as happless.  Less mature teams may have dropped the ball (figuratively) in such a situation.  But JMU won handily (without running up the score).

That provides optamism for this fan.  And I hope that optamism translates on to the field.

The JMU Bandwagon starts here.

All aboard!

The JMU Bandwagon

(crickets chirping).

All right, I’ll save my own seat for the trip.


September 17, 2007 - Posted by | Football, JMU, Redskins, Sports

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