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Cruel and Unusual Punishment

You know, I had just gotten back in to the swing of things again.  Redskins every week.  I was like an addict who was falling off the wagon.  I read all of the articles in the Washington Post about the Skins.  I recorded the games in HD (all I can say is “Wow”) on one DVR and then recorded it in SD on another DVR.  My Redskins Hawaiian style Redskins shirt and jersey with my name on it was out of mothballs.

Now, after three games the NFL throws in a bye week.  The NFL now has an even number of teams so there is no longer a need to have a team take a game off every week.  Why not have all of the teams have their Bye week  between weeks 7 and 9?

Withdrawal pains are now my constant companions.  I can’t sleep.  I lost my appetite.  I need a football fix.

But wait.  The Dukes (JMU) are on a roll.  I am going to the game tomorrow.  They are playing the Wildcats of Villanova.  Villanova is a good team and it should be a fun game.  My friend Cory is coming with some of his coworkers and he claims one is a hot girl and another is “not bad”. Granted, he and I disagree on this sometimes.

This is the fifth game in a row that I will be attending for the Dukes.  One in Chapel Hill (about two hours from Charlotte) and the rest have been home games.  Who puts 4 consecutive home games on anyone’s schedule?  I want to find this person and egg his house (pretty sure it is a guy…a woman wouldn’t do this to me).


September 28, 2007 - Posted by | Football, JMU, Redskins, Sports

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