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How I Met Your Mother Part 2 – Lab Partners and Being Brought in to the Loop.

I mentioned previously that I was (and still am) a shy guy.  So the meeting with Angel, although unusual, was not really going to lead anywhere (no matter how much I wanted it to).

But another fortuitous occurrence put us back together.  As I mentioned previously, we had a class together 2nd semester of our Freshman year at JMU.  The class, ISAT 112 – Environmental studies, included a lab.  Yet again Angel took the initiative and offered to be my lab partner.  I’m not sure what lead to that initiative.  I hadn’t really proved my intelligence (and Angel had been with plenty of dumb lab partners before me).

But over that semester we really got to know each other in lab.  That is really where I learned that Angel was something special.  Not just eye candy (she was/is nice to look at), but smart and kind as well.  At that point Angel took the lead in my list of crushes.

Like many men, I was interested in a large number of women.  I even remeber some of their names today:  Amy Basalla, Megan something, Amy Senger, Dawn Heineman. But Angel was the best.  She wasn’t the most attractive (Dawn & Megan were both sexier).  And she didn’t show the most interest (Amy Senger actually asked me out on a date).  She might have been the smartest (Amy Basalla & Angel tied for the top GPA in ISAT).   But she was the most compatible with me and my personality.  She even genuinely laughed at my jokes (and still does!).

But I think the best thing that Angel did was introduce me to my closest college friends.  Chris Dana, Alana Takeuchi, Todd Deering, Angel and I were fast friends.  We did almost everything together.  Those friendships were more important to my growth as a human being than any class or degree.  I felt like I was accepted by a group of my peers, which was unusual for me at the time.  They were smart also (each in their own way), which helped me to keep to my studies.  If I had not had those friends, I doubt I would have graduated, much less grown in to the adult I am today.

But at this point, although i was is lust with Angel, she showed no interest in me.  Unfortunately that would not change for some time.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Next Time: A Summer of frustration and the song that described it.


October 5, 2007 - Posted by | Matt & Angel

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