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How I Met Your Mother Part 3 – The Song that says it All

After my freshman year of college I decided to take a couple of summer classes to get rid of some general education classes that were unnecessarily required for my degree.The first week of classes in the May session I went to a computer lab and logged in to the JMU e-mail system.  At the time, it was an old VAX mainframe system.  In this system you could query who was on line at the time.  In fact, with my being geekily inclined, I had set it up to show my if anyone I liked was online when I logged in.

So, when I logged in I noticed that Angel was on-line.  I didn’t realize she was taking classes over the summer, so it was a pleasant surprise that she was in town.

I phoned her (this was the VAX version of instant messaging).  I did something out of character.  I asked her out to lunch!

That was really hard for me to do.

My friend Cory and I discussed this lunch date on the basketball court before Angel and I met for lunch.  We decided that if only one of us payed, that counted as a date.  So, when Angel and I finished out meal at Spanky’s that day, I was sure to pay with a “You can pay next time” comment.  In my mind, that made it a date. In her mind, we were friends.

A couple of weeks later we had made arrangements to meet again.  I met her in the old modular building that served as the ISAT building in those early days of the program.  She was a Teaching Assistant over the summer and I found her there with Joe, who was also a TA.  Joe asked me if we were dating and I said “No” (stupidly). 

Joe asked her out and actually made sure she knew it was a date.  After a couple of weeks he asked her to stop going to lunch with me.  Which she did.  She didn’t tell me why, but I knew something was amiss when she refused to go to see Apollo 13 with me.  We had watched “Space Camp” in her room early in the summer (the first of many movie viewing, but also the first time I had been in a girl’s room) and we both couldn’t wait for the movie.  Joe wasn’t as interested in the movie as we were, so I figured we could go together.

Looking back on it I know Angel was in a difficult situation.  I still pick on her a bit for this decision.  But I try not to rub it in.  After all, at this time she still didn’t know I was interested in her.That same summer a song came out that was released on both the Rock and Country charts (by different artists).  The song was Nobody Knows it But Me.  It was such a good description of how I felt that summer that I still remember many of the words. 

But Joe’s controlling nature would come back to get him.  And it wouldn’t even be the first guy I had run out of Angel’s social life. 

But that will have to wait until next time:  Angel takes a break.


October 10, 2007 - Posted by | Matt & Angel

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