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How I Met Your Mother Part 4 – Angel takes a break

So Angel was dating another guy and it was killing me.  Over the summer we had started to (not) date, but that had ended once her new beau had told her to stop seeing me.

But once we got back to school in the fall, Angel and I had several classes together.  We had worked so well as lab partners that we instinctively gravitated toward each other again.  Joe had changed his class schedule to take the same classes we were, and he was understandably hurt when she chose me to work with.

The final straw was when Angel and I left a class (ISAT-211) together to work on a project for another class (ISAT-241) that we were not even in the same section of.  She needed my help with an expert system (not unusual, that project was killer and I helped out a lot of people, both male and female, with the complexities).

The next day I got to class (ISAT-231) early, as I usually did.  Angel shows up in a good mood and tells me that she and Joe had broken up over the incident. 

Earlier in the summer she had been dating a guy named Jason she knew from the university religious group to which she belonged.  They had also broken up when she brought me around before one of our lunch dates.  So I was 2 for 2 with breaking up Angel’s dates. Something I am unnecessarily proud of now. 🙂

But during that same pre-class talk, Angel told me that she was going to take a year off of guys.  She wouldn’t date for a year.

Needless to say, that hurt.  By this time Angel was the only girl I was really interested in.  But I was too shy to say so.

Over that school year Angel, Alana, Chris and I spent a lot of time together.  We did homework and hung out.  We had our “International Dinner Parties” where each of us would bring a dish from a different country.

Then, one day, Angel and I are chatting on-line when she asks me if I like her.

My heart almost stopped.

It turns out that one of her roommates, Laura Walko, had told her that I liked her.  Apparently she noticed the way I would flirt with Angel, but not with anyone else.  I’m not sure where we would have gotten had Laura not planted the seeds in Angel’s mind.  For that I will always be grateful.

I told Angel that I did like her but that I respected that she wanted to take a year off from dating.  She had said that she didn’t want to lose me as a friend and “we” decided that we would not date.  That was about a week before the end of our sophomore year.  That summer would be one of the longest and greatest of my life…but I am getting ahead of myself again.

Next Time:  The Summer of Love.


October 10, 2007 - Posted by | Matt & Angel

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