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How I Met Your Mother Part 5 – The Summer of Love

So it had only been 8 months since Angel had decided to “take a year off”.  In the last few weeks before the summer she had found out that I liked her, but “we” had decided to “just be friends”.

The summer of 1996 was a particularly interesting one for me.  I left my job at Kroger to take an internship at CFW (a telecommunications company based in Waynesboro, VA).  One of the big benefits of this internship is that I was able to set my own hours.  I chose 4:30 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Thursday.  Waynesboro is only a half-hour drive from Harrisonburg (where JMU is located) and Angel had yet again stayed in town for the summer.  So with a three-day weekend every weekend and an early end of the day every work day, I had plenty of time to spend with Angel.

Angel and I started to eat lunch together again.  She even came to Waynesboro to go to some of the local places a few times.  And in the evenings we would often times spend the time watching a movie at her apartment.  We would also e-mail several times a day.

One day, she e-mailed me to say she had a horrible day.  She talked about it a little.  Well, I decided to cheer her up.  So I left work early, picked up a half-gallon of cookies and cream ice cream and rented “The American President”.  Then I waited in a parking lot near her house.  This was a Wednesday, so I had work early the next day and Angel and I didn’t have plans.  When she came home she stopped on the doorstep to talk to one of her roommates and I could tell they were inviting her out.  Luckily, she declined.  Once she went inside I pulled my car around to her apartment and knocked on her door.  She smiled when she saw me.  She told me later that this was a defining moment in our relationship.  We ate the E-C-I (Ice Cream) and watched the movie holding hands.  After the movie we tickled and flirted.  Then I went home.

Something else we did a lot this particular summer is to go to the top of Afton mountain to a golf course (Swananoah if you are wondering).  We would park in the parking lot and watch the starts from the hood of my 1984 Honda Prelude.  It was at one of these star gazings that Angel agreed to finally officially date me.  Not more than two months later we tried to remember what day that was.  We decided on August 8, 2006.  Though neither one of us could remember exactly.  The next day we went to the zoo at Natural Bridge for our first real date.

I have a lot of fond remembrances from that summer, but to tell you the truth, there wasn’t much that we actually did.  Lunch, star gazing and movies were pretty much it.  But that summer was one of the happiest of my life.

Next Time: We start to date, and swapping slobber.


October 11, 2007 - Posted by | Matt & Angel

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