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What was I thinking? I opened my mouth.

I was eating lunch with a bunch of coworkers last week when the subject of kid’s roaming came up.  Apparently many kids like to go for late-night meanderings.

I proudly stated that Dante was not prone to these walks.  He may stay up late, but he stays in his room.

Karma is a sleazy female dog.  The next day when we put Dante to sleep, he left his room, carefully closed the door behind him (apparently he didn’t want to wake up Tad), walked down stairs (carefully closing the baby/dog gate on the way), and proceeded to line up and knock down some blocks.

We put him back to bed (he didn’t appreciate that).

No harm, one night isn’t that bad right?

Well, every night since he has done the same thing.  Sometimes as many as four times before finally going to sleep.  And yesterday morning he woke up at 4:30 AM.  Opened his door.  Closed it behind him.  Walked down stairs (closed the baby/dog gate) and WALKED OUTSIDE!  The door was only locked on the outside.  Apparently he was ready for school.  I’m just glad my wife heard the door open.  Even the dogs ignored it.

We use the dead bolt now.  Hopefully he won’t figure that out until he is old enough to use the TV.


October 11, 2007 - Posted by | The Kids

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