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How I Met Your Mother Part 6 – Dating, and Slobber Swapping

So, up to this point I have been giving an almost step-by-step reproduction of my early relationship with my future wife.  That is going to slow down now.  Partially it is because I don’t remember as much from our days of dating.  Partly it is because little of the days of dating are really that interesting (especially to the intended audience…my kids).

So, instead of continuing in chronological order, I will start simply sharing stories that I remember, as I remember them.

Of course, I do have to start with a story from right after we started dating.

You see, I amwas shy.  When i said previously that “we” had decided to start dating, that wasn’t entirely accurate.  You see, Angel initiated the conversation.  All I did was say that I was interested in taking our relationship to the next level.  She decided not to initiate our first kiss.  In truth, that was the right thing to do.  I had to be an equal partner in our relationship of it would not have lasted.  So, she waited patiently for me to kiss her…for three weeks.

In fact, we both fell asleep on a futon in my first apartment during that three-week period.  So we slept together, before we kissed.

Finally she asked me if I was ever going to kiss her.  Somehow, that caught me off guard.  Needless to say, once I realized that I was allowed to kiss her, I did.  You can chalk this up to ignorance, or shyness, or obliviousness.  But ultimately, although she didn’t “initiate” the kiss, she did prompt it.

Next Time: The Proposal Story


October 18, 2007 - Posted by | Matt & Angel

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