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How I Met Your Mother Part 7 – The Proposal Story

As I said last time, I am going to be jumping around a little in my stories of my early relationship with my future wife.  So I am going to skip from September/1996 to first quarter of 1998. 

It is the second semester of our Senior year.  Angel and I are living together with Cory and Alana (four bedroom apartment).  Although i had not actually asked her, she and I both knew that I would propose by the end of the school year.  So, in order to add some measure of surprise to the event we decided to set up six dates where we would do something special, and maybe I would propose, and maybe I wouldn’t.

Being the person that I am, I waited until the second to last one to actually propose.

Now, Angel, being a practical woman, didn’t want me to spend much on he engagement ring…she gave me a $200 price limit.  So, I went to the jewelry store next door to Office Max in Harrisonburg (mistake: should have gone to Walmart) and got the biggest diamond I could for $250 (yes, I exceeded her limit).    The “biggest diamond I could” was still little more than a chip.

Angel and I were both working at Office Max at the time (it has since shut down), and I went over to the jewelry store on my break.

The big day arrived and I had to make some arrangements.  So I asked my boss to schedule me for work, but not have me actually come in.

Angel almost caught on early because she came in to pick up something and I wasn’t there.  But my boss was on top of it and said I had gone for an early lunch.  In the mean time, I went to Waynesboro (a half-hour drive), to meet my father and my best friend Cory.  I asked my father to make a big dinner of Spaghetti (Angel’s favorite…sorta) for the big night.  Then asked Cory if he would set up a restaurant for me at one of the scenic overlooks off the Blue Ridge parkway.  Cory and I then went out to find the scenic overlook that would work best. (it is about 2 miles sound of rt 250 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I think I could find it again if I tried).

Then I went to give Cory the ring so that he would have it ready at Corianni’s (the name we gave to the restaurant,  I even made a sign).  The idea had come from “She’ Coray’s”.  A french restaurant Cory had set up for another friend.

I had LOST THE RING!  I quickly went to down town Waynesboro’s most prestigious jeweler (I still hadn’t learned my less).  I actually found a better ring for $220.  About an hour after buying the second ring, I found the original ring.  Although I liked the Waynesboro ring better, I returned it because I still had the receipt.

Now, with the ring in my pocket, I went to pick up Angel at the apartment and make our way to the scenic overlook and Corianni’s.  We got there about half an hour before sunset (the overlook faced to the west).  Cory waited on us, we ate our dinner (although it was slightly cold), and as the sun set I proposed on bended knee.

After that night, we were no longer just Boyfriend/Girlfriend, we were fiances.  Angel even showed off her cheap ring to a few of our mutual acquaintances at ISAT.  Including, our professors.  As it turns out, most of our professors didn’t know we were dating.  Although we spent a lot of time together we had always been so professional that they had never suspected a romantic relationship.

Next Time: Neither rain, nor blizzard, nor dark of night shall keep me from my appointed non-date


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