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How I Met Your Mother Part 8 – Neither rain, nor blizzard, nor dark of night shall keep me from my appointed non-date

OK, I am going to flash back for a second here.  In fact, I am going to rehash an incident that occurred in January of 1996, before Angel even knew I liked her.

It was right before the winter session was supposed to start, and I had a lunch non-date with Angel when one of the worst ever blizzards to hit the Shenandoah valley buried the towns of Waynesboro and Harrisonburg in three feet of snow.  My little Prelude couldn’t move but a few inches in either durection.  I had parked on 11 & 1/2 street in Waynesboro which is little more than an alley.  It doesn’t get plowed until the end of the cycle.  The plow had come though and plowed the street in front of my parent’s house.  But it was about 50 feet from my car.

What did I do?  Well, I wasn’t going to let a little snow get in my way.  I was still in good shape at the time, so I got out the snow shovel and started to dig.  When I was done, I had shoveled almost half a city block out from in front of my little Prelude.  Bobby (a friend of mine from High School who lived a few doors down) had helped the last few feet with a snow blower, but I did almost all of it by hand.  My next door neighbor Doug had also helped, but he mostly dug from his car to the path I had already created to get his own car out.

All of this so that I could go to lunch with Angel…before we were actually dating.

My wife hates this story.  I’m not sure why other than it demonstrates how blind she was to my attraction.  My friend Cory loves to tell this story.  Mostly because it is even more than he did during a similar snow storm a few year earlier.  He dug out his car, but he only had to get his car about six feet.  But the plow had effectively buried his car.  Also, he was actually dating the girl he was going to pick up.


October 19, 2007 - Posted by | Matt & Angel

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  1. I believe that I remember hearing this story at some point leading up to your wedding, from your mom I think. It’s hands down one of the best stories ever.

    Comment by Karen | October 19, 2007 | Reply

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