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The Story of J: Chapter 1 – J’s Universe

=====Work of Fiction=====

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Chapter 2 – Under Way

‘He’ woke up slowly.  To begin with, his entire universe could be seen in a single glance.  He was in a vehicle, about 3 meters long, 2 meters wide and not quite 1.5 meters high.  There was a control panel in what he assumed to be the front, but there was no view port to see what was on the other side of the bulkhead.

“Where am I?”  ‘He’ said to himself. 

Unexpectedly, he got an answer. “You are in XG-259, fighter-interceptor class short-range interstellar craft located at 260.087.64 in the Milky Way Galaxy” came the pleasant, but obviously artificial female voice.

“OK, that doesn’t really tell me much.”  he said.  Then after a short pause “Who am I?” realizing that he had no memory of his person.

“I do not know sir.  I have never encountered your personage before.”

“How did I get here?”

“Unknown.  My own memory banks only contain data from the last 5.32 minutes.”

So when she said that she had “never” encountered my personage, the “never” was only for the last five mintes  he thought.  Then he remembered that she had given him a location in space.  So he asked the inevitable questions.

“Are there any planets near by?”

“None detected in range.” came the response.

“Ships? Space Stations?”

“I am detecting a ship at 180.000…range: 123 kilometers”

“What is the status of the ship?”

“I am not detecting any power or life signs from the ship.  It appears to be adrift sir.”

At that last “sir” he realized he still had no name.  He decided, before looking in to the derelict ship, he should take stock.  He looked around the small craft.  Although the ship had used the term “interstellar craft” it was quite obvious that it was not meant for long voyages.  The cabin was barely large enough to kneel in. There was a small sleeping area along the back wall with an embedded food replicator just above the sleeping shelf.  The ceiling was dominated by a circular air lock. 

The two sides of the craft were utilized for storage compartments.  He looked through the compartments and found engine parts, some cloths and a space suit designed for extra vehicular activities.  On the side of the helmet was a symbol that looked like the letter “J”.  He decided to call himself “J”, though obviously it was not his actual name.  He also found a mirror in the compartment.  The image that was reflected back to him gave him pause. 

His hair was unkempt, though it had the appearance of staying that way much of the time.  He had dark eyes and larger than normal ears.  His jaw was slightly pointed, but not unattractively so.  But it was his cheek that gave him a startling discovery.  A large scar was visible from near is ear to his jaw line.  And beneath the scar was a metal plate. 


Obviously he had been injured and the extent of the injury required some kind of major surgery.  But what was equally disturbing is that the metal seemed to form part of his jaw line.  Like it was an integrated piece of his skeletal structure.  He would have to put that aside for now and continue with his explorations of the small vehicle that had been his entire universe to this point.

The front was the pilot’s chair and controls.  But there was no heads up display. 

But the XG class had the capability of a heads-up display he thought.  Even as he had the thought he wasn’t sure how he knew that.  Apparently his lack of personal memories was not complete.

As he looked at the console he noticed a red flashing display.  “What is this?” he asked the computer.

“Damage has been detected to the outer hull.”  came the calm reply.

Of course.  Why didn’t I check that earlier? he thought.  Then said aloud “Damage Report.”

The computer responded “Intrastellar engines are off line.  Interstellar engines are off line. EM shields are off line.  Deflector is offline.  The aft hull plating has been scorched.”  As the computer made each comment a heads-up display was activated and highlighted each damaged system. 

J decided to start repairs with the deflector.  He wasn’t sure why he started with that particular system.  For that matter, he wasn’t sure how he knew he could repair the systems.  He then moved on to the engines.  He was able to get the intrasteller engines working, but there was no way of repairing the interstellar engines without parts he could not find on board.

These activities had taken all day.  We was tired and decided to sleep.  The derelict ship was his best chance for finding the parts he needed to make repairs.  But that would have to wait for the next day.

Before he fell asleep he told himself what he knew about himself.

Table of Contents Next:
Chapter 2 – Under Way

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