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The Story of J: Chapter 2 – Under Way

=====Work of Fiction=====

Chapter 1 -J’s Universe
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Chapter 3 – Human Contact…and a Mystery

The Derelict’s computer was useless.  In fact, the memory core of the computer was completely depolarized.  The backups were degaussed.  There was nothing left. 

But what actually caught J’s eye was that he found every part that he needed…in the air lock.  As he opened the air lock every part he required was present.

Of even more interest is that one of the parts was not from the ship’s stores.  He could tell because it was encased in a box that he didn’t remember seeing before.  Not that his limited memory could be completely trusted.  A search of the ship revealed no other parts in the elaborate packaging.

Once he had the parts he needed he set course for the nearest inhabited planet.  His own ship’s computer had a complete star chart and included the information he would require.  The planet was labeled with a simple “Human Colony Dundalk-4”.

“Computer, why is the planet labeled as ‘Human’?”

“Unknown.  I would assume that the colony consists of mostly or exclusively human inhabitants.” came the pleasant computer voice that, to J, seemed to be less artificial than it was previously.

“But all planets are ‘Human’, the Milky Way galaxy has no other intelligent life.”  The computer remained silent. “What is the population of the planet?”  J asked

“Unknown, that information is not contained in my data banks.”

J thought about that for a while.  It made sense that a “Fighter-Interceptor” would not need to know the population of a random planet in a galaxy full of human inhabited worlds.  There was no need to fill the data banks with useless information.  Then J had a disturbing thought.

“Computer, what is your purpose?” J asked

“I am the on-line vocal interface for this XG class fighter-interceptor”.

Computers…always so literal.

“OK, what is the purpose of fighter-interceptors?  Is there a war going on?”

“Yes.” came the kurt response.

“Between who?” J asked, finally able to get an answer out of the interminable machine.

“The Human race is fighting the Korlog from the Durando galaxy.”

“Who started it?” J asked in earnest

“Unknown.” came the impassionate response.

J wasn’t ready for that.  A war between the human race and an alien race simply did not correspond to his own interpretation of ‘the way things were’.  His memory only contained information that Humans inhabited this galaxy.  Being human (he thought) his first instinct was to say that the Korlog must have invaded the peaceful human population.  But on the other hand.  He was in a ship that was obviously built for battle.  Yet he didn’t even know about the existence of the Korlog.  But the computer knew.  He may have to wait for actual human contact to answer that particular question.

Dundalk-4 was only a few hours away at this point.  he would have his answers soon enough.

The day had been a long one.  The repairs had gone smoothly earlier, but the exertion had taken it’s toll.  He decided to turn in for a quick nap before he arrived and got to talk to the first humans he had met…that he could remember.

Chapter 1 -J’s Universe
Table of Contents Next:
Chapter 3 – Human Contact…and a Mystery

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