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A Few Stories About Mel

I don’t tell a lot of stories about Melody.  Part of the reason is that Dante is much more entertaining.  Part of the reason is that Melody hasn’t really developed a personality yet (unless you count “Drama Queen”).  But over the past few weeks, there have been a few cool stories:

1) Walk the Dog

Last week Angel bought a large stuffed dog for Melody from the drug store.  Melody had “asked” for the dog (she pointed and said “at”), and being a drug store toy, it costed little.  So, it came home.  It is an ugly thing.  A bull dog with a red ribbon wrapped around it’s neck.

Last night, Melody grabbed the ribbon and started walking the dog around the house.  “Cute” doesn’t exactly describe the scene of a one year old who can barely walk herself trotting around the house dragging a stuffed dog by a ribbon.

2) “These Shoes are just Hideous” from a one year old fashionista

Earlier this week, we left the door to the deck opened.  It was a nice day and M3elody is now trustworthy on stairs.  Angel came outside to check to see what was going on (Mel had been quiet…always a sign of trouble).  What she found was Melody taking all of Dante’s shoes (from a stand next to the deck door) and throwing them down the stairs.  When Angel came outside Melody smiled (which that crinkled nose we love so much) as if to say “Time to go shopping mom.”

3) The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything

With Dante being autistic, we are not taking any chances with Melody.  We have been told that she has a slight delay in her speech.  So she is now seeing a speech therapist.  But it is different with Mel.  Dante wouldn’t even try to speak.  While Melody just does not seem to enunciate.  I said earlier that she asked for the dog by pointing and saying “at”.  “At” roughly translates as “that” or “mine”.

So every once in a while we will ask Melody to try to repeat something we say, with little success.  The other night I asked her to say “42”.  I’m not sure why, it is the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), but I’m not sure where it came from.  I swear she said “er goo”.  I may have been hearing what I wanted to hear, but I am now considering “42” to be Mel’s first word (we don’t count “at”).  Angel doesn’t agree, partially because I haven’t been able to reproduce this “success”.  But now I have documented the experience…and that makes me feel better.


October 26, 2007 - Posted by | The Kids

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