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The Holiday Season – Random Thoughts

Christmas Music

So on November 3rd, one of my radio stations switched to an All-Christmas weekend.  Since then they have been sprinkling more Christmas in to the lineup.  The day after Thanksgiving, they will be switching to 100% Christmas music until the end of the Christmas season.  I will be avoiding this radio station until a week before Christmas…when I want to be in a Christmas mood.

Christmas Shopping

I am one of those annoying people who do my Christmas shopping early.  I started in May (that is not normal, I just happened to find the perfect gift for my mother walking in to my office last May). I finished last week.

Well, that is not technically true.  Every year I give Gram (my mother) a calendar with pictures of the kids and pets.  She looks forward to them, and I enjoy them. One of the pictures I used is below (From the February/2005 Calendar).  I haven’t finished the calendar yet.  But that is all I have left.

HB At the Unisphere - Feb/2005 Calendar Pic

Christmas and Autism

Dante is going to be celebrating his fourth Christmas this year.  Every year I think to myself “This is the year that he will really understand what is going on.”  Every year I have been disappointed.

Last year he was pretty close.  He really liked playing with the wrapping paper.  And he even played with some of the toys.  But he didn’t help me hand out the presents and he didn’t open any of his own gifts.

Autism is difficult on parents.  Probably more difficult on parents than on kids.  I know he will enjoy Christmas in time, I just hope he gets there before Melody. 

Still, Every year I face this date with a mixture of anticipation and concern of disappointment.  Last year he played with a toy by picking up a phone saying “Hello…Hi Dada…OK…Bye Bye” (which is right out of his favorite DVD).  I was literally in tears.  This was the most I had heard him say out loud.

But he reverted immediately.  Back to “Dooga Dooga”, “Giddy Giddy” and “Op”.

But this is the year…I’m sure of it. 

Family Trees

I heard on the radio this morning that Lowes Home Improvement labeled Christmas Trees as “Family Trees” in their catalog.  A spokesman for Lowes said that it was a mistake made during the creative process that was inadvertently included in the final result.

Apparently some religious group or other raised cane over the company’s mistake.

The radio announcer seemed upset about the fact that “Someone in the creative process” knew what they were doing and that it was unthinkable that they even considered it.

That is really where I have my problem.  I am an Atheist, but I do celebrate Christmas.  Why?  I am not celebrating the birth of Christ.  I am celebrating the joy that I see in my children’s faces.  I am celebrating the decorations themselves.  And I am celebrating the family unity and good will that exists during the season. So in my house, it isn’t a Christmas tree, it is a Family tree.

Because I do not wish to foist my beliefs on the rest of the country I am not going to insist that it be a “Family” tree.  I accept the origins (which apparently is a Pagen religion in Germany) and traditions.

The apparent appal by Christians over “their” traditions being adapted and changed by others is laughable in my opinion since many Christian traditions originate in older (often pagen) religious practices.

Atheists are the second largest Religious group (if you count “lack of religion” as a “Religion”).  There is a pretty cool article hereabout the popularity of each religion.  An interesting note (at least to me), the Catholics count me as a member because I was “Confirmed”.  But I have since grown disillusioned with all religion and no longer believe in God.  So I already know thier numbers are wrong…at least by one. So maybe Atheists are much higher on the list.


November 16, 2007 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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  1. Neither Jake nor I have really made any decisions about our religious affiliations but I have to say that both of us are also very disillusioned with many apsects of religion right now. For the time being we just say, if anyone asks, that we are “in between religions” right now as he is no longer an attending Methodist and I am no longer an attending Catholic. I agree with you that there are many reasons to celebrate Christmas other than the religious aspect of it. The “family tree” thing is like the whole “freedom fries” issue. Why can’t we just stick with what we’re used to? I often wonder how much political correctness is too much.

    Comment by Karen | November 16, 2007 | Reply

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