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The Story of J: Chapter 6 – Welcome to Trantor

=====Work of Fiction=====

Chapter 5 – Beginning a Search
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Chapter 7 – Lost Time

…Though long-separated from the planet-girdling city of domes from the First Galactic Empire, the planet of Trantor was chosen as the capitol of the Second Galactic Empire in FE 1592 after a long debate in which the Centralization side contended Terminus was on the outer periphery of the Milky Way Galaxy which prevented trade from the other end of the Galaxy.  The Traditionalists didn’t accept that argument because of the aspect of hyperspacial travel could be conducted at any distance.  Ultimately Trantor was selected by a feat of bribery and …

The second iteration of the capitol of the Second Galactic Empire took great strides to avoid the bureaucracy that served as both the power and weakness of the first empire.  The population was strictly regulated to be less than 10 Billions and visitation was strongly regulated to prevent a vacation from turning in to a permanent stay thus increasing the population.  The domes of the First Galactic Empire were outlawed in a further attempt to . 

The GenDi reign of the late 1620s marked the lowest point…*

* All excerpts from the Encyclopedia Galactica taken from the sixth edition FE 1792 Terminus.


The Derelict ship had produced nothing…at least nothing of consequence.  Kat had re-iterated several times that she was a computer expert, but still could not get anything from the completely eliminated computer banks of the Derelict.  The only change to the Derelict since the previous visit by J was that the ship had lost life support entirely and the hull had been breached.

With all other options eliminated, the pair of armature detectives decided to head for Trantor.  The process was involved.  Getting a temporary visa had a two month waiting period.  J’s lack of identification did not help matters.  But Trantor was the obvious destination.  The old Imperial Library at the University of Trantor of the First Galactic Empire was still the best place to do research.  Since the re-establishment of the capitol on Trantor, the library had been modernized and expanded.  If there was evidence of a secret Robot society, the evidence would be somewhere in the 150 sq km library.  They just had to find it.

When the ship finally landed on the surface, without argument from the positronic brain that controlled it, the pair strolled to the information desk.

“Where to?” grunted the man behind the desk.

The response was a quick “A Hotel near the Library please.” from Kat

“Which one?” came the equally response from the man behind the desk.

“A nice one.” Kat said, indecisively.

The man looked a little confused, as the line behind the young couple grew.  Then he said, with sudden understanding. “Which Library?”

“University of Trantor” Kat said with a slight blush at her own ignorance.

“That’ll be ◊290.”  the man said.  Kat handed him the coins.  The man handed her a ticket and jerked a thumb over his shoulder toward a line of waiting vehicles.

Kat and J made their way to the cab with quick efficiency.  They handed the cabbie their meager baggage and ticket and then crawled in to the back seat of the undersized airfoil.  The cabbie nodded to the couple, packed their bags, looked at the ticket and the waived inconspicuously to an anonymous man in the crowd near the information desk.  The man then walked to another cab directly behind J and Kat’s cab and gave chase.

The cab took turns and through-ways that the two off-worlders could not follow, nor did they want to.  Although the domed cities were gone, the magnificence of the capitol could give even the most jaded tourist a touch of awe. 

The skyline was a standing contradiction with distantly distributed skyscrapers in colors as varied as the light spectrum itself.  The cab made it’s way through and between the buildings without seeming to approach them. 

The buildings were interconnected by underground train cars, but those could not be seen by the passengers of the airfoil.  Under the airfoil were fields of grain and wheat in curved patterns of so many shades of green and brown.  The farm/city hybrid that helped to balance the administrative needs of the empire with the more human needs of the capitol planet’s inhabitants.

The youngsters in the car didn’t notice the cab behind them following at a distance.  Traffic was sparse, as it usually was on the surface.  The two vehicles traversed the surface of the planet approaching one of the large skyscrapers.  As the vehicle grew closer, the building seemed to take more and more of the field of vision until the whole world seemed to be that one building.  About a kilometer from the building, the look of small windows were just starting to be visible before the cab entered an underground tunnel.  The mouth of the tunnel spewed forth vehicles of every shape and size traveling in many different directions.  Airjets for long-distance travelers.  Surface trains for freight and airfoils carrying families were traveling in an almost chaotic fashion.  The gaping maw of the tunnel became quite cavernous before the cab entered.  In another minute’s time Kat and J were standing in front of the Luxor Hotel in the University City section of Trantor.  The whole trip had taken little more than 10 minutes and through it all the mysterious man had followed.

Chapter 5 – Beginning a Search
Table of Contents Next:
Chapter 7 – Lost Time

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