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He did it

Warning, you don’t want to continue reading if you want to enjoy any whodonits on TV.  The following rules of thumb work in approximately 90% of all mystery type series (like NCIS, CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI: New York, Monk, Psych…).  The exception is Numb3rs.  That show seems to delight in breaking the rules.  These rules are all predicated on the fact that the bean counters are in charge of Hollywood.

 1) If someone speaks early int he show, then disappears, they did it.

2) If there is an actor that you recognize (especially from Stargate SG-1) that is not a part of the regular cast, they did it.

That’s it.  That is the secret to knowing whodoneit.  I was actually confounding my wife with my ability to predict who the culprit was early in the show.  There was an episode of NCIS where a bunch of murders were taking place that matched a book written by Tim.  I said the coffee house guy did it.  And he did.

How did I know?  He spoke in the opening scene and then disappeared.  You see, if an actor speaks on camera, they have to be paid more.  So if a character speaks, then they are more important than they might seem.  So far, that strategy has paid out.

The second one is less certain.  For example, the actor who played Dr. Flox on Star Trek: Enterprise was on an episode of CSI semi-recently.  He didn’t do it.  Though he did get killed later.  Then the Defensive Coordinator from Remember the Titans (an outstanding movie) was in the same episode.  He didn’t do it either.  He didn’t even die.  So it is less certain.  As it turns out, Rule 1 would have done me more good.


December 11, 2007 - Posted by | TV

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