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Christmas Recap

Christmas has come and gone.  Although the whole thing is a blur to me, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject.

1) Dante was rather overwhelmed by the whole thing.  He spent most of his time in another room.  When we did get a present that he liked, a hammer and peg thingamajig, his sister tried to take it away from him.  We kept giving it back to him, but that just frustrated Melody and further overwhelmed Dante. 

2) Melody was not sure what was going on, but she did play with the toys as we unwrapped them.  Granted she seemed more interested in Dante’s toys than her own.  But Gram got Melody a baby doll with a stroller.  This was a good gift because Melody likes to push her brother around in the big stroller (which is really cute).  But the stroller with the baby doll was not heavy enough and she kept falling on her face.  That kind of ruined the fun when she started to cry.

3) My kids are spoiled.  Being the only kids there, all of the adults indulged in extra spending on their behalf.  I am the office gift-hander-outer of Christmas.  An honor I received because I was the youngest.  Part of my approach is to separate out the gifts in to piles for each person.  This allows me to keep tabs on who has the most gifts so that one person doesn’t have a bunch of gifts at the end.  This year I counted how many presents each person got because of how large the kid’s pile was:

  1. Gram: 5
  2. Angel: 6.5
  3. Matt: 3.5
  4. Mark: 8.5
  5. Dante & Melody: 31

I know that comes out to a total of 54.5 gifts.  There were two gifts that were shared.  One between Angel and I, one between Mark and I.  Rather than give the impression that I received one whole gift more than I did, I chose to only give myself one half.

Also notice that I didn’t separate Melody and Dante.  They play with each other’s toys so much, that there is no need to separate them.

From the kid’s point of view, the big hit was my Brother’s gift of some magnetic connection sticks and spheres.  Melody enjoyed taking them out of the box, throwing them around, and putting them back in the box.  Dante, once we were back in Charlotte, enjoyed taking out all the sticks…and that is pretty much it.

From the adult’s point of view, the big hit was my gift to the kids.  It was a three foot tall stuffed duck.  It’s bigger than Dante my a large margin.  The kids pretty much ignored it, but Mark kept acting like he was going to take it home.

4) A broken tradition.  Every year, Mark and/or I will give the other a game to be played on Christmas day while the dinner is being prepared.  In previous years we have played shuffle board, darts, Friend’s trivia, an indoor basketball game and a few others.  The tradition goes back to when we were kids opening presents at our grand parent’s house.  This year, we didn’t.  Partly because with the kids around I have to be ‘Dad’ for much of the time.  And partly because both of us had to leave right after dinner to get home…we both had work first thing the following morning.

Even though we had a good reason for skipping this year, I hope we pick it up again next year.

5) As always, we had the traditional Morgan family Christmas meal…vegetarian style.  My brother is a vegetarian, but that really didn’t affect Christmas dinner.  We don’t have Ham or Turkey for Christmas dinner.  We have Lasagna.  And for a side, we have a casserole of cheese, crackers and broccoli (in that order).  The only difference is the type of lasagna, and I rather like the vegetarian lasagna (don’t tell Mark).  My mother, ever the accidental comic, actually asked what we were having for Christmas dinner (actually, it was at lunch time because Mark and I had to leave).  I just stared at her, mouth agape and said. “what do you mean?”  Turns out, she just wanted me to confirm the menu.  So I did and Christmas was saved.


December 31, 2007 - Posted by | The Kids

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