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The Story of J: Chapter 8 – A Clue?

=====Work of Fiction=====

Chapter 7 – Lost Time
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Chapter 9 – Confrontation

“Come look at this.” Kat said suddenly drawing J out of his random thoughts.

For another two weeks the pair had been in the library in the district of Columbus.  They purposely picked this library because it was far from the University of Trantor and it was the fifth largest on the planet.  But for two weeks they had not made much progress.

“What is it?” J asked hopefully.

“It’s a progress report dated April 1, 4550 AD from a place called New Aurora.” Kat said.


“Well, it mentions that the construction was continuing on schedule but the workers required some unexpected maintenance.”

“And?” J asked again.

“It doesn’t say that the workers required medical attention, but maintenance.  Maybe these were robotic workers.”  Kat said anxiously.

“OK, so where is New Aurora?  And what is that date?”

“I recognize the date as conforming to a standard utilized prior to the first Galactic Empire.  So that makes it old at least.”  Kat said as she rolled her chair to another view screen and brought up the star charts for the current foundation.  She quickly brought up the glossary and looked under ‘N’.  “The star charts do not have a ‘New Aurora'”.  She quickly went to the ‘A’s “Nor does it have an ‘Aurora’.”

Kat continued.  “But they wouldn’t if this was a planet of robots.  They certainly would erase the location from all star charts long ago.”

“Granted, but how will we find it if it isn’t in the star charts?”

“Well, we have to grant that this would have been among the first planets colonized from the planet of origin.”

“Planet of Origin?”

“Yes, the planet from which the Human race originated.” Kat expounded.  “The human race is the only sentient species in the galaxy…or at least was prior to the arrival of the Korlog.  Biologists agree that if sentient beings were to develop on different world under different circumstances, the resulting biology would be so vastly separated that they could not mate with each other.  As a result, we are not the result of a conglomeration of many sentient species bread in to a single form, but that we must have come from a single planet.”

“OK, so, if we conclude that this ‘New Aurora’ must be an old planet, then what can we deduce?” J asked

“Well, although the trip through hyperspace can take a ship to any place in the universe in a split second, the greater the distance the greater the chance of a miscalculation, especially in the infancy of interstellar travel.  So, if we assume the planet of ‘New Aurora’ was colonized from the Planet of Origin, then it should be close the the Planet of Origin.”

“Right, so, where is the Planet of Origin?”

“Nobody knows.  But we do know of a few planets that claim to be the planet of origin.  One of them is called ‘Baleysworld’.  And it happens to be in the Terran sector.”  Kat said, letting the sentence hang.

“Didn’t that linguist guy say that my vowels sounded like they were from the Terran sector?”

“Yes he did.” Kat said, glad that he remembered the same thing that she did. “We have spent almost three months here.  This is the best lead we have gotten so far.  I say, we should try going there.  Worst case scenario, we can at least look in to your own origins.  The linguist suggested after all to be trying that approach” She said the last sentence in as close to an imitation of the old professor as she could manage.

J laughed, and slowly agreed. “To Baleysworld then.”.

Chapter 7 – Lost Time
Table of Contents Next:
Chapter 9 – Confrontation

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