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Over three years ago I left my job with a non-profit organization that shall remain nameless.  They discontinued my contract and laid a bunch of people off.  The reason was that a new computer system was supposed to be replacing the one we were working on “soon”.  They offered me an extension if I would move back to northern Virginia.  I turned them down, not because of the moving back requirement (though that was a deal breaker) but because I didn’t like the way they handled the whole situation.  They didn’t take either of my lieutenants, and they held it over our heads for years (not kidding) before they finally terminated the contract.

Three years have passed, and the “New” system that was supposed to be taking the place of our beloved product still has not deployed.  They are looking to staff back up in order to support the old system because they are projecting another two years before full implementation.

My wife still works there.  In fact, I got her the job.  I think it was the best thing I have ever done for that company.  She is working on a new product (only slightly related).  They are trying to hire a developer, and I qualify.

Here is where I am having a problem.  I kinda want the job, but I kinda don’t.


  1. Near-Full-Time telecommute
  2. I get to be an architect (of sorts)
  3. I get to work with my wife, and see her some (We go long periods without seeing each other)
  4. Benefits & a 401(k)
  5. I already understand the industry and the project (I have been helping Angel with the requirements)
  6. It has the potential to eventually maybe replace the system that cost me, and my lieutenants, a job three years ago.  Revenge would be sweet.
  7. Even when I did have to go in to the office, it would only be a six mile drive.  I drive 25 now, through mostly back roads.


  1. Up to 25% travel to Philly
  2. I will be home all the time, and too much time with my kids is bad for my mental health.  I love them, it just gets to be overwhelming.
  3. Same Pay I’m getting now, more responsibility.
  4. I don’t get to learn anything new (right now, I am learning about embedded applications.  This is an area I will enjoy)
  5. I have hermit-like tendencies.  If I work from home, that may eliminate my seeing daylight for long periods of time.
  6. I am bad at confrontation (honest).  Quiting my job would be hard for that fact.

I am still not convinced.  Angel is really excited about the prospect.  Maybe I will let her convince me.


January 7, 2008 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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