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Yesterday was my anniversary. #9 if you are interested (did you guess?).

I would like to say that Angel and I spend a romantic evening wrapped in each others arms and enjoying each others company…but that would be lying.

I would like to say that I spend hours finding the perfect gift, but I would rather tell the truth.

The fact is that I had already given Angel an MP3 player for Valentine’s day and our anniversary.  It was semi expensive (certainly more than the limit she had given me), so it counted for both.  She wanted an MP3 player and has enjoyed hers thus far.  But it certainly is not a romantic gift.

Otherwise, it was a normal night.  She did pick up Olive Garden for dinner, so i guess that was special compared to an ordinary night.  But otherwise, the kids ran our evenings like they always do.

But for some reason, I have been thinking about our wedding.  It probably has something to do with my “How I met your Mother” series of posts over the past few months.  Not to mention it is our anniversary…

Unlike most grooms, I think I remember the night before better than the actual day.  Not that there is much to remember.  The rehearsal was pretty pretty dull.  Though my father did give everyone in the wedding party t-shirts that labeled their role.  I got a t-shirt that said “Groom”, Angel got “Bride”, Karen got “Maid of Honor”, Mark got “Best Man” etc. The rehearsal dinner wasn’t much more memorable.  O.K., for the most part I remember the stripper (she was hot), but that is about it.  Oh yeah, and if my Mother asks, my late Father said to tell her that we had a “Belly Dancer”.

The wedding day went off without a hitch for the most part.

I had spent the night at a local hotel while Angel stayed in my room at my parent’s house so that I wouldn’t see her before the wedding.  I am superstitious only in relation to sports, but I considered this one more of a tradition.  The funny thing is that Angel and I both decided to go to Shoney’s for breakfast.  I went to the one next door to the hotel I was staying at which was right off of exit 94 of I-64.  My wife was going to go to the same one.  But my Aunt said the knew how to get there…”It was right next to the Interstate”.  She went to the one off exit 222 on I-81.  If not for my Aunt not knowing the area, we would have seen each other.

The ceremony was just a ceremony.  Angel and I had both worn sneakers as we had planned, but I don’t think anyone else in the wedding party took advantage of that option.  Though the priest did give me my ring to put on Angel, and gave Angel her ring to put on me.  Obviously my ring fit perfectly well over her finger, but her ring wasn’t going on my finger.  We quickly switched them out.  The only other “mistake” that occurred was that I forgot to kiss her after the ceremony.  I was ready to walk back out the isle, and only paused to that the priest could announce us…the preacher reminded us of that particular tradition, then announced us.

The reception was boring.  No alcohol per Angel’s and my request.  My brother is a recovering alcoholic (per his Program, the only “recovered” alcoholic is six feet under) and I have never really had a drink due to my own addictive personality.  Some advice for people who may or may not be getting married:

1) Don’t…elope to Vegas.  It is more fun, less family and you can blow your nest egg at the craps table (granted, only if you are over 21).  You can still invite family and friends…but it will be less stress on you because most of the planning is taken care of and the guests can find other entertainment around…your wedding will not be the only thing happening.  So your guests will leave thinking your wedding was a lot of fun. 

2) If you HAVE to have a traditional wedding and reception, pick a short song for your first dance.  I don’t remember what we picked, but it was like 10 minutes long.  Even if you do enjoy dancing, that first dance is not where you want to do it.  After all, you have the Father Daughter dance and the Mother/Son dance and all of the other dances still left to do.

3) For the wedding party dance, don’t pick a “Fast” song.  We pick “Call me Al”.  This was ironic because most of the Brides Maids were Angel’s roommates in college.  Her apartment was call “The House of Al and LA” because everyone had initials (first and middle) that were either A. L. or L. A. (e.g. Angel Lynn).  But the guys just looked lost during the dance (not that they would have been less lost on a slow dance).

4) Hire Pauly.  This won’t work for most people, but we had Pauly Erickson play his Marimba (I think) during the reception.  He was the hit of the day.  He is an extremely talented percussionist (in my humble opinion).  It was truly a joy to listen to him play.

5) Don’t record the thing.  We had cameras set up to record the whole reception…we haven’t watched a single second of those tapes.

6) We left disposable cameras on each table.  I think this was a good idea, but the pictures were horrible (low quality that is) and we got so many copies of the silverware and table settings it wasn’t even funny.

7) When we got married the new tradition was to blow bubbles instead of throwing rice when the couple left.  We provided bubbles, but it was too difficult to get them blown in the wind outside.  Throw bird seed instead.

The only other thing I remember from the reception was the way my friends decorated my Prelude.  They put a couple of blow-up dolls in the front seat and (per my instructions) used soap the draw all over the car.  Shaving cream can damage the paint, and I had just gotten the car repainted a few years before that.  They also filled the back seat with balloons.

At the end of the day, we stayed at a bed and breakfast before heading home.  We didn’t leave for our honeymoon for another two weeks.  This wasn’t a storybook wedding ceremony, and it hasn’t been a storybook marriage.  But overall it was a happy day and a happy marriage.


March 21, 2008 - Posted by | Matt & Angel

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  1. I recited “How much, how many” by Shel Silverstein at your reception after the best man’s speech and I barely got through it without crying because I am a sap. I remember feeling like the luckiest person in the world because not only had I gotten back in touch with my best friend, but she had honored me with being her maid of honor. Oh and I also remember thinking the “You Can Call Me Al” choice was an interesting one although I appreciated the symbolism even though I wasn’t part of it. I will admit to being slightly disappointed though because I was supposed to slow dance with your brother who I thought was cute. 😉

    Comment by Karen | March 21, 2008 | Reply

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