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Some “Cute Kid” Stories

It has been a while since I have had some “Cute Kid” stories.  So, here ya go:

1) When I was growing up there was a Friendly’s at the local mall.  My Mother and I would go there and we would order a small meal and then a big Ice Cream.  Since moving away from that area at the tender age of 12, I have only seen one other Friendly’s…until we moved to Charlotte.  Now, we can go to a Friendly’s that is about 10 miles from my house.  Well, I think it may have become a family tradition…

Mel in Profile eating some ECIMel enjoys some ECI.

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures, my phone doesn’t take pictures in low light well.)

2) The kids are now getting to the point where they will play together.  The other night, Dante was sitting on the chair with me, and Melody came over, climbed up on the chair (I had to help a little), and proceeded to jump up and down on him.  He grabbed her and pulled her down (Both had smiles on the face, so I let it continue).  He gave her a HUGE hug and she gave him one of her patent pending baby kisses (open mouth, no pucker slobberfest, usually on the nose).

3) Mel is still not speaking, though she is picking up a few things that might be words in her mind but come out as nonsense.  She is also picking up some new combination sounds (multisyllable babble).  Her newest one is “gullie”.  She will say this sound over and over again and it is just so cute.

4) Dante has a new fascination, with my back…with my bareback.   He will come up to me, grab my hand and pull me over to the couch.  Then he will pull me down to get on the couch.  Then he will proceed to try to take my shirt off of me.  I tell ya, that kid’s first date is going to have to watch out for him.  I have to admit that more often than not I will give in and take off my shirt.  He will then lay on my back and give me big hugs and laugh and smile.  Then he will try to pull me over on top of him…essentially crushing him (but he loves it).  But, before we can get too excited “Little Sister” will come and join us.  While Dante jumps on my back, she will jump on my head.  Sometimes, I will put my shirt on her (she thinks this is hilarious…granted, so does her mother).

5) Before Dante was born I got a lot of nervous energy.  For some reason I had to give my hands something to do.  I decided to learn to juggle.  This was a skill that I had worked on unsuccessfully for a few decades, but I figured I could figure it out.  And I did.  Well, I had envisioned doing this for my duly impressed children.  This would be a time for a quote like “the best laid plans of mice and future dads.”  Well, I started juggling for Melody yesterday, and she took my balls and threw them in to another room.

6)  OK, no story for these, but more pictures of kids:

Mel at the Playground in the wind

Dante licks his lips

D about to go down the fire pole at the playground…makes a funny face


March 27, 2008 - Posted by | The Kids

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