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Some interesting Time Waisters

Of course while I am at work I spend 100% of my time doing work.  And I spend all of my free time with my kids.  Not to mention, the check is in the mail and no, those jeans don’t make you butt look big.

OK, so I do spend a lot ofsome time on the computer doing almost nothing at all.  Here are a couple of cool time wasters that I have found:

1) Yahoo Widgets– These are small applications that you can put on your desktop.  Some are somewhat useful (like the weather widget) and some are pretty useless, though entertaining (Shooting holes in your desktop).

2) 3Dvia– This is a collection of 3D Shapes that are available for use.  There is an application (3D Via Shape) that you can use for free to create your own 3D objects.  Check out some of mine that I have created for Starship Pirates:

          a) MD Class Space Fighter

MD Class Fighter for Starship Pirates

          b) WD Class Space Fighter

WD Class Space Fighter for “Starship Pirates”

           c) XG Class Fighter/Interceptor

XG Class Fighter/Interceptor

I have a few more in development, not all are ships (I am also designing an EV Prototype).  There are a few other sites that I have been enjoying, but these are my two biggest at the moment.


March 31, 2008 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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