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Pretend Play

One of the (many) signs that Dante was autistic was that he did not “Pretend Play”.  He never played house or acted out scenes with the little people figurines.

Melody is non-verbal…which was the first big sign from Dante.  Obviously my bride and I are concerned about Mel because of this.  However, she does several things that preclude a diagnosis of “Autism”.  She points to things she wants.  She will watch another person do something, and imitate them.  And she pretend plays.

Last night after dinner she grabbed a set of play pots and utensils we got for Christmas and “cooked” a pretend meal on the stairs.  She then went around to each human and dog and fed them with one of the spoons.

I was laying on the floor on my back.  When she “Fed” me, the spoon went down my throat.  The term “gag me with a spoon” came to mind for some reason.

She thought it was funny.  So, she kept doing it.  I will say, once I figured out how to be fed without gaging, it was quite funny to watch her come around and feed everybody.


April 15, 2008 - Posted by | The Kids

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