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My daughter is a dog…and my son is a monkey dog-wrangler

Previously I mentioned that my daughter was caught drinking out of the toilet like one of the dogs.  Sometimes, we think that she thinks she is one of the dogs.  For example, when we feed the dogs, we have them line up and lay down at the edge of the room while we fill the dog bowls (that took a lot of training).  Melody, if she is around, will sit down in the middle of the pack.

But unlike the dogs she will not wait for her name to be called before she get up.  She will then take food out of Henoeybear’s bowl and either put it in Sparky’s bowl or give it to one of the dogs directly, usually sparky, but sometimes Honeybear, Sasha or Peanut.  I guess it just depends on who is paying her the most.

Melody also loves it when Sasha gives her kisses.  Which is something the rest of the family (two legged and four legged alike) dislike.

Dante the monkey

Meanwhile, Dante has increasingly more daring in his climbing and wrestling both with his sister and with us.  He will climb up and over my shoulder with minimal help from me (that would be the Monkey part.)  In fact, I have to grab his ankles before he goes over my shoulder or he will just plop.  Then I can drop him on to the couch or a bed with many giggles.

Then, he has started to do some fun stimming activities. 

After bath, my wife will put the towel over his head and sing the “No News” song.  This is a country song that has a lot of quick words that Angel and I figured out and are quite proud to know the words.  Well, she will sing:

She could telephone tell a friend

tell a lie ’bout where she’s been

send a pigeon send a fax

write it on a postage pack

send a signal up in smoke

tap it out in Morse code

I prefer a bad excuse

to No NEWS.

On the last line, she will pull the towel off of Dante’s head and he will just laugh and laugh and laugh…total giggle fest.

His latest is to run a lap (run around the down-stairs of the house) and then pet Sparky.  It has to be Sparky.  Not only that, but if Angel or I are near Sparky at the time, we have to pet him too.  It is a Dante Rule.  And it is really cute.

I also forgot to mention another one of my nicknames for the boy.  He is my “Giggle Fiddle”.  I can play him like an instrument.  The funny thing is, he will seek it out.  If I am in the other room playing with Mel, he will come in, lay down and take my hands and put them on his tummy.  I will ask if he wants me to “giddy giddy” and he will get really excited and do the sign that I made up for “Tickle Me”.  And then, it is on.

Kids Giggle

This is actually my ring tone.  It is both kids laughing.


May 1, 2008 - Posted by | The Kids

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