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I Gilk!

My bride told me this story:

Just as a pretense, Dante’s speech therapist has been working on combining two words.  That is something that every 2 year old should be able to do easily, and Dante is nearly four.  But I digress…

Dante has gotten in to the habit of finishing his own drink, then taking his sister’s drink for his own.  We are pretty sure that he has Diabetes Insipidous.  Especially after reading the notes from his Urologist, even though the urologist isn’t suggesting treatment for some reason that is not apparent from his notes.

Most of the time, Melody doesn’t mind that he takes her drink because she doesn’t drink nearly as much.  One symptom of Diabetes Insipidous is the physical need to drink a massive amount of liquid.

But this time, Melody pointed at her recently stolen drink and said “ehhh” (which is about the only thing she says).  My wife said “Melody, use your words. Say ‘My Milk'” (she also did the signs).

Dante, not Melody, said “I Gilk”.  At least he combined his words.  Angel got Melody a new drink.  Speech is more important than enforcing ownership.


May 2, 2008 - Posted by | The Kids

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