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Whose Hotter?

I am going to preface this by saying that this will not be a rude, crude and socially unacceptable comparison of women based on measurements.  Note: I am not posting any pictures for fear that my discussion will descend in to the vulgar.  What I am looking at here is to evaluate my own taste in women.  Glean from it what you will.

Now, whether they admit it or not, all traditional men evaluate every woman they see and put them on a scale of attractiveness.  before I go on, I am going to define my terms a little here. 

  • Hotness – Physical beauty.  Nothing more, nothing less
  • Attractiveness – While hotness is certainly a part of attractiveness, attractiveness goes beyond the skin-deep interpretation.  This term would include things like intelligence, “kindness” and maturity.  It may also include approachability (inverse of intimidation).

I have a great example of the difference between hot and attractive.  In my high school were a pair of blond identical twins.  If they wanted to, they could confuse anyone.  They purposely wore different clothing and a different hair style to be unique.  But I still couldn’t always tell the difference.  Physically, they were both hot.

But I could tell the difference if one of them spoke to me.  You see, Vanessa would always say “Hi” to me, while Valaree would not.  Further complicating things, Valaree was smarter (shewent to UVa, though I don’t know if she graduated).  But in my opinion Vanessa was both approachable and kind.  That made Vanessa more attractive in my book. 

One of the fun things about the “Whose Hotter?” question is that it is totally up to the individual asking to define the rules.  While certainly individuals can obviously be compared, I am more interested in generalities at this point.


Whose Hotter:

Supermodels or Professional Cheerleaders?

My Answer: Cheerleaders. 

Not because of the outfits (though that doesn’t hurt). 

Have you noticed that cheerleaders smile?  For reasons that I do not comprehend, models no longer smile.  I know that smiling is one of the simplest and most effective ways of improving a person’s looks.  Yet the models don’t smile.  In fact, I think they look unhappy and unhealthy (the words “Eating Disorder” always comes to mind). 

While Cheerleaders are smiling, physically fit, and athletic women. 

Really, when I think about it, it isn’t even that close.


Whose Hotter:

Pony Tails, Pig Tails, Short Hair or “Free”?

My Answer: Free*

I prefer long hair, there are very few women who look better with short hair than with long (the only one I can think of is Nana Visitor from Star Trek: Deep Space 9).  So, that is at the bottom of my list.

At a distant third place I have to put pony tails.  I love my wife’s pony tail, it bounces and sways when she walk…she has a certain spring in her step I suppose.  And it is quite cute.  But there are certainly better, and hotter, hair styles.

OK, In my opinion there is something quite sexy about pigtails.  Actually, I have to preface that further.  I prefer Pigtails that are kind of “up” on the head (rather than back along the neck) and not braided.  I am not sure why I find pigtails so attractive.  To my recollection I have never had a crush on a girl who wore her hair like that.  For those of you who who subscribe to Freudian analysis, my mother has short, permed hair, so don’t even go there.

But far and above is the almost unkempt look that my wife has when she gets out of bed.  A little brushing and her hair is just perfect.  I think this may be because I do prefer a “low maintenance” woman.  Maybe the way the hair frames the face accentuates her gorgeous features.  But as I said, this discussion is not supposed to be specific to a single female of the human species.  And it isn’t.  Most women look better with their hair down.  I just can’t put my finger on why.


Whose Hotter:

Blonds, Brunettes or Redheads?

My Answer: Not Blonds

I have never found blonds particularly attractive.  Especially repellent are the women who bleach their hair to be blond.  I just don’t understand.

As for the other two options, my conscience (or maybe my sense of self preservation) is telling me that answering the question could get me in to trouble if my bride read it.  So I will remain silent on this one.


That is all I have today, but I may return to this discussion at some point.  I’m not sure why it is important to me to evaluate my own taste in women, but I find it quite entertaining.


May 14, 2008 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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