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Dad’s Day

Father’s day is coming up.

I really have nothing else to say.  It is nice to have a day devoted to fathers, but in my family the “day” consists of a steak dinner…sometimes.  I also typically get a gift with the kids pictures on it which is cute and cool, but we are not talking about bells and whistles here.  Basically, just another Sunday.  And you know, that is fine. 

The idea of gift-giving is confusing to me.  On the one hand, if I want something I am likely to buy it myself.  On the other hand, I love finding a gift for someone else that they would not have gotten for themselves, or didn’t know that it existed.

For example, last Christmas I gave my mother a painting that was similar to a wall mural in her father’s house.  It was a touching gift for a woman who lost her father earlier that year.

But most of the time, gift-giving is a net-negative proposition.  If a person spends $10 on an item that they think I want.  Then the cost of the product is $10.  If I didn’t want it, then the value of the product is $0.  Net: negative $10.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain.  After all, rarely do I get a gift that I actually did not want.  And on rare occasions I get a gift that I value more than the cost.  Those are the times I hope for.  And that is what I aim for whenever I give a gift.


June 13, 2008 - Posted by | The Kids

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