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The Good Samaritan

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my chair finishing up the latest episode of Burn Notice when my bride came home with the kids.  I only had 10 minutes left on the episode, so after I helped get everyone settled down and rotated through the potty I returned to my show. 

Five minutes later there was a knock at our door.

I cursed under my breath and went to send whomever it was away.  Usually, it is a religious person handing out crap that I don’t want.  But this time it was a motorcyclist saying that there was something leaking out of the bottom of my wife’s van.

I said it was probably just condensation from the air conditioning, but that I would take a look anyway.  He said that condensation should have evaporated and that he had followed the leak for 3 miles.  I look under the car and find that the transmission is leaking severely.  I immediately drive it to the repair shop.  About a block from the shop it stopped changing gears out of first.

That guy saved me having to have my wife’s car towed the next morning when we would have noticed.  I also would have left for work and we would have had to find an alternate means of transportation in the morning.  The heads up this guy gave me allowed me to get my carpool to pick me up (Mondays are usually my day).

I didn’t get his name.  I have no way of contacting him.  He was kind without reward.  And I thank him and wish him good karma.


July 28, 2008 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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