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Top X Signs that you are a JMU Football fan where X is greater than 5.

OK, I am starting to have football withdrawals. I have been thinking about this for a while. So here is what I have thought of so far.
Duke Dog
  1. You name your dog “Duke” so that you can have your own “Duke Duke Duke Duke Daawwg”.
  2. You name your cat “Blue Hen” so you can watch Duke chase him.
  3. You are sure that Superman wears a JMU uniform #7. (Now out of date)
  4. Even when the team is losing, you can still say “our band is better than your band”.
  5. You really want one of those inflatable dogs for your front door.
  6. Your daughter’s first word is “Duuuuuukes” and is prompted by “First Down J – M – U”.
  7. Your daughter’s first two-word “sentence” is “Duke Dog”.
  8. You own a purple cowboy hat (or other random accessory).
  9. You own thermal underwear and only wear them to football games late in the football season.
  10. You secretly wish your thermal underwear were purple and gold even though it is worn under your clothes (well most of the time anyway).
  11. Your happy place is section 10 row M seat 20 of Brideforth Stadium.
  12. You get all geeked out about meeting anyone named “Showker”.
  13. You think the Dukettes are absolutely gorgeous even though you’ve never seen any of them up close.
  14. You try to convert your friends and family who still root for that orange and blue team in Charlottesville to JMU fans because “it is a more pure form of the game.”
  15. You think “blue” is a really funny shade of purple.

Feel free to add your own.


March 18, 2009 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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