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I like random coincidences. My family lore includes a random story going back to World War II. My maternal grandfather was serving in the Navy attached to an Admiral’s staff serving on an aircraft carrier in the pacific (I don’t know the name). At the same time my father’s father’s brother was serving on the same carrier. The ship was attacked and sunk. My maternal grandfather was evacuated with the Admiral. My grand uncle went down with the ship. After the war, my Mother and Father were conceived within two months of each other.

I was reminded of this story when remembering something else. You see, on August 25th, 2006 I came down with a stomach flu. I remember that because my daughter (my second born) was born on that particular day. On September 24th, 1976, my mother went home from work with a stomach flu. She was very pregnant with me (her second born) so she went to the doctor. Turns out, it wasn’t the flu, it was labor. I was born at 7:53 that evening.


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