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When Michael Jackson died last year I was confused. Apparently everyone around me and everyone in the media mourned his passing as if their brother had passed. I know that he was a flawed human being. I think the vehemence that others showed at his passing was an indication of the hurt that would also have been indicative of the disappointment one would feel if a close relative had proven to be equally flawed.

I was confused because I enjoyed his music, but he wasn’t really a productive member of society at the time (although he was supposed to be coming out with something new) and I didn’t know him personally. Why were all of these people so interested? Was his fame equal to being a member of the family? Anthropomorphically, apparently, it is. We come to identify with the famous because it is an extension of our cultural “survival of the fittest” (though I am not an expert, I am repeating what I heard on the Discovery Channel).

So far I have not been susceptible to this phenomenon. That may be because no famous person with whom I identify have passed away. So I was thinking about who I idealize enough to encounter this issue.  So I started to think about famous people that I really admire.  The first to come up…Billy Joel.  I really love his music and I identify with many of his songs.

I tried to think of anyone else and there was only one I could think of. Darrell Green. Not only was he a professional football player for the Washington Redskins. He was a consummate professional. Not only could he cover any player…even at the age of 40. He accepted demotion to the nickle back position without public complaint. He taught younger players better than any coach.  But even off the field he showed that he could be a professional athlete AND a good person.  His interviews showed intelligence and the ability to properly utilize the English language.  He started a non-profit organization to help less fortunate people in the Washington DC area; thereby giving back to the community that had made him a star.  So, when I cam across this article I had to share.  The man is no 50 years old and faster than many NFL “skill” players who will be at the scouting combine…they will be from 20 to 23 years old.


February 17, 2010 - Posted by | Football, Random Thoughts, Redskins, Sports

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