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I contacted my Congressman and Senator today…I feel so civic minded.

I do not feel that Energy is receiving enough attention. I would like to make a recommendation for a strategy I would like to see pursued. All energy on earth originally came from the sun. I think that solar technology has the highest potential for a semi-permanent energy strategy. The technology is not mature, though I think we can make a good start.

This is what I would like to suggest: The Government will purchase and install all solar panels produced with a minimum efficiency rating paying a premium for higher efficiencies. That efficiency rating can be changed from year to year (announced ahead of time).

If we can reduce the costs and pollution indicative of electricity production via fossil fuels we may also be able to encourage electric vehicles.

By paying a premium for higher efficiencies and upping the minimums the industry will be forced to innovate. By having a guaranteed buyer the industry could move to more efficient, higher throughput manufacturing techniques.

I know it would be expensive. Also finding a place to put all of those panels may be difficult (putting them on residential house roofs would allow for distribution, but not all houses would be able to handle the additional weight).

My undergraduate degree is in Integrated Science and Technology with a concentration in Energy Systems. I don’t work in the industry, so please take this as the advice of a knowledgeable citizen. Not a lobbyist who is trying to turn a profit.


February 17, 2010 - Posted by | Random Thoughts, Thoughts on Politics, Wild Theory

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