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942 Days, 17 Hours, 30 Minutes

You may have noticed that I have not been posting very often. The reason is simple. You see, tomorrow at 8:30 I will be doing something I have not done in almost exactly 19 months. I will go to work. This concludes what has been among the darkest days of my life (which kinda explains the lack of postings). The financial problems associated with unemployment are one thing. They were exacerbated by the fact that we found a treatment for Dante’s autism based on stroke treatments that have been really effective. Unfortunately they are only done by one doctor in the U.S. and not only is he out of network, but he was in New York (Long Island to be precise). Between hotel costs and the treatment costs themselves we have run up quite a bill. Now we have a plan. We should be able to recoup our debt in a couple of years. That means, among other things, our cars will have to last.
But I digress. Every cloud has a silver lining (unless the CFO sold it for a profit). In this case, I got to know my kids better (the dark cloud in this silver lining is that before Dante’s treatments started I realized how severe his autism is which is depressing). My wife and I were actually able to reconnect. I was diagnosed with a hormone deficiency and I am now getting treatment that should help a whole lot of my medical issues. Hopefully now that I have a sunnier disposition, I will be posting more frequently. But for now, I will simply accept that I get to positively contribute to my family and to society generally.


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