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A Day for Rememberance…Anyday

Today is Sunday, October 10, 2010.  Today is not Memorial Day; today is not Veteran’s day; Armed Forces day; labor day or even Thanksgiving.  In fact, the only holiday I could find for today on a quick internet search was ‘National Cake Decorating Day’.

But for some reason, today I am remembering those people who have sacrificed for the society I take for granted.  A big part of my thoughts naturally fall on our fighting men and women in the military who risk life and limb for our safety and protection.  I will not expound on my won feelings on the wars our military is asked to fight on behalf of politicians which may or may not have our country’s (or the world’s) best interests at heart.  But I am proud of how our military responds whenever and wherever they are needed.  They do things that I simply could not do on behalf of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and  global freedom.

More than the military, I would like to thank our civil servants.  Police Officers, Agents for the DEA, FDA (yes, I meant to include them), CIA, FBI (etc ad nauseum), Fire Fighters, Volunteers, some Spiritual Leaders, Teachers and those folks who run our snow plows, mow public roadways, maintain and build our roads.  These people contribute to the improvement and maintenance of our society.  Often times these people are woefully underpaid and asked to risk their lives or health for us.

I want to take a moment to single out Teachers.  Remember your favorite teacher.  I’ll wait.  Remember him or her?  OK, I will assume that the person in question is not a college professor (most aren’t).  Now remember all the crap they had to deal with from the other kids.  Now remember that they made a pittance compared to most other professions that require a degree.  In my opinion the highest paying jobs in our society should be Teachers (by a large margin).  I would love to hear a conversation like ‘Graduate 1: “Did you get that job a Podunk Middle School?” Graduate 2: “Nah, I had to settle for a computer programming position at Microsoft.”‘ Presently, that isn’t the case (obviously).  Today our teachers fall in to two categories. 1) Incredibly dedicated, intelligent and competent people who genuinely want to help mold the future. 2) Incompetent people who couldn’t get a better job and use teaching as their fall-back.  The second group could be eliminated if the pay was higher so there was genuine competition for the positions by the best and the brightest in every field.  We may lose some of the first group (a real shame*), but I would still consider it a large improvement.  But I digress. Every teacher, no matter which group they fall in to, deserves our thanks.  They not only care for our children, but they also produce our future.  I am proud of my Mother for teaching for 39 years.  Now that she is retired, she continues to substitute.  You rock mom.

The final group in my cascade of thanks are the people who make a decent wage, but still help to improve our society.  Doctors, some lawyers (too few in my opinion), some Politicians (stop laughing), Nurses and even those professionals that produce our medical equipment.  Researchers, programmers, engineers and even the people working on the manufacturing line (not well paid, but they help our society).  They all contribute to our medicine and the greater good not only of our society, but of our global neighborhood as well.

One last note.  In the past I could have included myself in this final group.  I worked at the American Red Cross as a software tester.  I miss that feeling of ‘helping my fellow man’, no matter how minimal my contribution.  Now, I work for a financial institution.  It just isn’t the same.

* That isn’t sarcasm


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