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He really is a huge wimp, but you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. ūüôā


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Yesterday was my anniversary. #9 if you are interested (did you guess?).

I would like to say that Angel and I spend a romantic evening wrapped in each others arms and enjoying each others company…but that would be lying.

I would like to say that I spend hours finding the perfect gift, but I would rather tell the truth.

The fact is that I had already given Angel an MP3 player for Valentine’s day¬†and our anniversary.¬† It was semi expensive (certainly more than the limit she had given me), so it counted for both.¬† She wanted an MP3 player and has enjoyed hers thus far.¬† But it certainly is not a romantic gift.

Otherwise, it was a normal night.  She did pick up Olive Garden for dinner, so i guess that was special compared to an ordinary night.  But otherwise, the kids ran our evenings like they always do.

But for some reason, I have been thinking about our wedding.¬† It probably has something to do with my “How I met your Mother” series of posts over the past few months.¬† Not to mention it is our anniversary…

Unlike most grooms, I think I remember the night before better than the actual day.¬† Not that there is much to remember.¬† The rehearsal was pretty pretty dull.¬† Though my father did give everyone in the wedding party t-shirts that¬†labeled their role.¬† I got a¬†t-shirt that said “Groom”, Angel got “Bride”, Karen got “Maid of Honor”, Mark got “Best Man” etc. The rehearsal dinner wasn’t much more memorable.¬† O.K., for the most part I remember the stripper (she was hot), but that is about it.¬† Oh yeah, and if my Mother asks, my late Father said to tell her that we had a “Belly Dancer”.

The wedding day went off without a hitch for the most part.

I had spent the night at a local hotel while Angel stayed in my room at my parent’s house so that I wouldn’t see her before the wedding.¬† I am superstitious only in relation to sports, but I considered this one more of a tradition.¬† The funny thing is that Angel and I both decided to go to Shoney’s for breakfast.¬† I went to the one next door to the hotel I was staying at which was right off of exit 94 of I-64.¬† My wife was going to go to the same one.¬† But my Aunt said the knew how to get there…”It was right next to the Interstate”.¬† She went to the one off exit 222 on I-81.¬† If not for my Aunt not knowing the area, we would have seen each other.

The ceremony was just a ceremony.¬† Angel and I had both worn sneakers as we had planned, but I don’t think anyone else in the wedding party took advantage of that option.¬† Though the priest did give me my ring to put on Angel, and gave Angel her ring to put on me.¬† Obviously my ring fit perfectly well over her finger, but¬†her ring wasn’t going on my finger.¬† We quickly switched them out.¬† The only other “mistake” that occurred was that I forgot to kiss her after the ceremony.¬† I was ready to walk back out the isle, and only paused to that the priest could announce us…the preacher reminded us of that particular tradition, then announced us.

The reception was boring.¬† No alcohol per Angel’s and my request.¬† My brother is a recovering alcoholic (per his Program, the only “recovered” alcoholic is six feet under)¬†and I have never really had a drink due to my own addictive personality.¬† Some advice for people who may or may not be getting married:

1) Don’t…elope to Vegas.¬† It is more fun, less family and you can blow your nest egg at the craps table (granted, only if you are over 21).¬† You can still invite family and friends…but it will be less stress on you because most of the planning is taken care of and the guests can find other entertainment around…your wedding will not be the only thing happening.¬† So your guests will leave thinking your wedding was a lot of fun.¬†

2) If you HAVE to have a traditional wedding and reception, pick a short song for your first dance.¬† I don’t remember what we picked, but it was like 10 minutes long.¬† Even if you do enjoy dancing, that first dance is not where you want to do it.¬† After all, you have the Father Daughter dance and the Mother/Son dance and all of the other dances still left to do.

3) For the wedding party dance, don’t pick a “Fast” song.¬† We pick “Call me Al”.¬† This was ironic because most of the Brides Maids were Angel’s roommates in college.¬† Her apartment was call “The House of Al and LA” because everyone had initials (first and middle) that were either A. L. or L. A. (e.g. Angel Lynn).¬† But the guys just looked lost during the dance (not that they would have been less lost on a slow dance).

4) Hire Pauly.¬† This won’t work for most people, but we had Pauly Erickson play his Marimba (I think) during the reception.¬† He was the hit of the day.¬† He is an extremely talented percussionist (in my humble opinion).¬† It was truly a joy to listen to him play.

5) Don’t record the thing.¬† We had cameras set up to record the whole reception…we haven’t watched a single second of those tapes.

6) We left disposable cameras on each table.¬† I think this was a good idea, but the pictures were horrible (low quality that is) and we got so many copies of the silverware and table settings it wasn’t even funny.

7) When we got married the new tradition was to blow bubbles instead of throwing rice when the couple left.  We provided bubbles, but it was too difficult to get them blown in the wind outside.  Throw bird seed instead.

The only other thing I remember from the reception was the way my friends decorated my Prelude.  They put a couple of blow-up dolls in the front seat and (per my instructions) used soap the draw all over the car.  Shaving cream can damage the paint, and I had just gotten the car repainted a few years before that.  They also filled the back seat with balloons.

At the end of the day, we stayed at a bed and breakfast before heading home.¬† We didn’t leave for our honeymoon for another two weeks.¬† This wasn’t a storybook wedding ceremony, and it hasn’t been a storybook marriage.¬† But overall it was a happy day and a happy marriage.

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Growing up, I never had a nickname, unless you count the monosyllabic “Matt” compared to the disyllabic “Matthew”.¬† In college, my friends tried to give me a clever nickname.¬†

My future wife had many nicknames from college.¬† We even assigned different aspects of her personality to different nicknames.¬† All of her nicknames stemmed from the fact that we talked about “angles” a lot in class.¬† Invariably one of our professors would write “Angel” up on the board at some time during the year.¬† So, Angel’s first nickname was “Angle”.¬† And, the natural pun followed…she is acute Angle.¬† The next nickname she received came from the Greek symbols that are most commonly used for angles.¬† Theta and alpha.¬† Theta was Angel’s geek side.¬† Alpha was her aggressive side.¬† The alpha symbol that is actually used is the lower-cased alpha which looks a little like a Jesus fish.¬†So, another nickname was invented: Fithy.¬† Fithy was Angel’s flirtatious side.¬†

Meanwhile, I was just “Matt”.

My first nickname came at work.¬† I was given the nickname of “Magic Matt” by a coworker.¬† I have to admit to some slight of hand here.¬† You see, one of my jobs was as a first tier reviewer of defects.¬† If a defect was caused by an environment issue on the server, then I was responsible for correcting said issue.¬† For some reason, people would have some trouble reproducing defects in my presence.¬† But also, I would have people come to me with the same environment issues repeatedly.¬† So, I developed procedures for correcting them.¬† When an issue popped up, I would fix it quickly on my computer, then ask them to show me the problem (knowing I had already fixed it).¬† Before they would show me, I would put both hands on the monitor, and in my best evangelical voice I would say “Be Healed!”¬† Of course, when they tried to reproduce the issue, it would be fixed.¬† I think they actually started to think¬†I was magical.

Later, in another job, I got two more nicknames.¬† Scorsese…because I had the reputation for creating really complicated and entertaining slide show presentations.¬† And Shakespeare because one of my coworkers thought I had a distinct and pleasant manner of speaking.¬† Not quite as impressive as “Magic Matt”, but still, I was happy.

Well, the nickname thing has continued.¬† We hired a nanny last summer for Melody who would call her “Squirt”.¬† Of course, it caught on.¬† Melody is also known as the “Two-Legged Princess”, “Trouble”, “Mel”, “Melly”¬†and “Melly the Martian”.¬† The last one is when she wears pigtails and they stick up slightly.¬† Especially if she happens to be wearing green.¬† Angel doesn’t like it when I call her that though.

Mel in Pigtails

Dante hasn’t been spared from the nickname parade either.¬† He is known as “D”, “Little D”,¬†“Dude”, “Buddy”, “Jumping Bean”¬†and “Mini-Matt”.¬† Mini-Matt is because there is apparently a similarity between myself and my son.¬† Except he is cute, and I am not.

Matt and Mini-Matt

Yes, that is a¬†Christmas Tree in the background. Yes my son and I are wearing matching Hawaiian shirts…I don’t see a problem here.

Even the dogs are not spared. 

Peanut is referred to as “Pea”, “Princess Pea”, “The Four-Legged Princess”, “Tummy Girl”,¬†“Cory’s Girlfriend”¬†and¬†“Baby Girl”.

Sparky is “Sparkles” (especially when licking up a mess made by the kids and their dinner),¬†“The Sparkinator”, “Food Monger”, “Mr. Floppy Tail”, “Ada Barkinator” (in a sing-song fashion), and “The Little Butt” (A misunderstanding.¬† When he was a puppy and still to small to get up on the couch my wife picked him up and said something along the lines of “Oh aren’t you just a little mutt”.¬† I misunderstood and another nickname was added to the list.

Honeybear is “The Brat”, “The oofer” (He doesn’t pronounce his W’s), “Plushy”, “The¬†Not-So-Little¬†Ball of Fur”, “Muddy-Bear”,¬†“Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now, Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go” (Like a commercial for adult diapers from around the time he was born, but applied to him because of his tendency to walk really fast, like he is always late).

Sasha is the “Gremlin”, “Asasasa”, “Saaaashaaaa” (In a whisper similar to Harry Potter when he speaks to snakes), “The Tongue” and “Stop Licking Me”.

Even our vehicles have not been spared.¬† My first car, a Red 1984 Honda Prelude was first named “Klann” (pronounced “Klaun”) after my Father’s company…and the first place¬†I drove after getting the vehicle.¬† Then named “Fireball” after he was unjustly dismissed.¬† Then came “Snowball”, a white 1998 Honda Civic.¬† Then came Thomas, the Blue Subaru station wagon. And finally my 1998 Dodge Durango which was named “Later” because I kept referring to “him” as “The Durango to be named later” (similar to “The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as ‘Prince'”).¬† We had a Saturn Ion which never got named…granted we only had it for three months.¬† I also had an old 1988 Nissan 200SX which never got a name, but should have been called “the Money Pit”.¬† Now we have had my wife’s Dodge Grand Caravan for almost four years now, and we still don’t have a name.¬† The closest we have come is “The Home Away from Home” and “The Camper”.

Nicknames are constantly being added to our list.¬† I like them partially because they remind me of where I was and what I was doing when the nickname was first used…even if it isn’t my nickname.¬†


Gratuitous picture of the kids…BTW, the duck still doesn’t have a name:

Matt, Dante, Melody and the Giant Duck


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How I Met Your Mother Part 8 – Neither rain, nor blizzard, nor dark of night shall keep me from my appointed non-date

OK, I am going to flash back for a second here.  In fact, I am going to rehash an incident that occurred in January of 1996, before Angel even knew I liked her.

It was right before the winter session was supposed to start, and I had a lunch non-date with Angel when one of the worst ever blizzards to hit the Shenandoah valley buried the towns of Waynesboro and Harrisonburg in three feet of snow.¬† My little Prelude couldn’t move but a few inches in either durection.¬† I had parked on 11 & 1/2 street in Waynesboro which is little more than an alley.¬† It doesn’t get plowed until the end of the cycle.¬† The plow had come though and plowed the street in front of my parent’s house.¬† But it was about 50 feet from my car.

What did I do?¬† Well, I wasn’t going to let a little snow get in my way.¬† I was still in good shape at the time, so I got out the snow shovel and started to dig.¬† When I was done, I had shoveled almost half a city block out from in front of my little Prelude.¬† Bobby (a friend of mine from High School who lived a few doors down) had helped the last few feet with a snow blower, but I did almost all of it by hand.¬† My next door neighbor Doug had also helped, but he mostly dug from his car to the path¬†I had already created¬†to get his own car out.

All of this so that I could go to lunch with Angel…before we were actually dating.

My wife hates this story.¬† I’m not sure why other than it demonstrates how blind she was to my attraction.¬† My friend Cory loves to tell this story.¬† Mostly because it is even more than he did during a similar snow storm a few year earlier.¬† He dug out his car, but he only had to get his car about six feet.¬† But the plow had effectively buried his car.¬† Also, he was actually dating the girl he was going to pick up.

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How I Met Your Mother Part 7 – The Proposal Story

As I said last time, I am going to be jumping around a little in my stories of my early relationship with my future wife.  So I am going to skip from September/1996 to first quarter of 1998. 

It is the second semester of our Senior year.¬† Angel and I are living together with Cory and Alana (four bedroom apartment).¬† Although i had not actually asked her, she and I both knew that I would propose by the end of the school year.¬† So, in order to add some measure of surprise to the event we decided to set up six dates where we would do something special, and maybe I would propose, and maybe I wouldn’t.

Being the person that I am, I waited until the second to last one to actually propose.

Now, Angel, being a practical woman, didn’t want me to spend much on he engagement ring…she gave me a $200 price limit.¬† So, I went to the jewelry store next door to Office Max in Harrisonburg¬†(mistake: should have gone to Walmart) and got the biggest diamond I could for $250 (yes, I exceeded her limit).¬†¬†¬† The “biggest diamond I could” was still little more than a chip.

Angel and I were both working at Office Max at the time (it has since shut down), and I went over to the jewelry store on my break.

The big day arrived and I had to make some arrangements.  So I asked my boss to schedule me for work, but not have me actually come in.

Angel almost caught on early because she came in to pick up something and I wasn’t there.¬† But my boss was on top of it and said I had gone for an early lunch.¬† In the mean time, I went to Waynesboro (a half-hour drive), to meet my father and my best friend Cory.¬† I asked my father to make a big dinner of Spaghetti (Angel’s favorite…sorta) for the big night.¬† Then asked Cory if he would set up a restaurant for me¬†at one of the scenic overlooks off¬†the Blue Ridge parkway.¬† Cory and I then went out to find the scenic overlook that would work best. (it is about 2 miles sound of rt 250 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.¬† I think I could find it again if I tried).

Then I went to give Cory the ring so that he would have it ready at Corianni’s (the name we gave to the restaurant,¬† I even made a sign).¬† The idea had come from “She’ Coray’s”.¬† A french restaurant Cory had set up for another friend.

I had LOST THE RING!¬† I quickly went to down town Waynesboro’s most prestigious jeweler (I still hadn’t learned my less).¬† I actually found a better ring for $220.¬† About an hour after buying the second ring, I found the original ring.¬† Although I liked the Waynesboro ring better, I returned it because I still had the receipt.

Now, with the ring in my pocket, I went to pick up Angel at the apartment and make our way to the scenic overlook and Corianni’s.¬† We got there about half an hour before sunset (the overlook faced to the west).¬† Cory waited on us, we ate our dinner (although it was slightly cold), and as the sun set I proposed on bended knee.

After that night, we were no longer just Boyfriend/Girlfriend, we were fiances.¬† Angel even showed off her cheap ring to a few of our mutual acquaintances at ISAT.¬† Including, our professors.¬† As it turns out, most of our professors didn’t know we were dating.¬† Although we spent a lot of time together we had always been so professional that they had never suspected a romantic relationship.

Next Time: Neither rain, nor blizzard, nor dark of night shall keep me from my appointed non-date

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How I Met Your Mother Part 6 – Dating, and Slobber Swapping

So, up to this point I have been giving an almost step-by-step reproduction of my early relationship with my future wife.¬† That is going to slow down now.¬† Partially it is because I don’t remember as much from our days of dating.¬† Partly it is because little of the days of dating are really that interesting (especially to the intended audience…my kids).

So, instead of continuing in chronological order, I will start simply sharing stories that I remember, as I remember them.

Of course, I do have to start with a story from right after we started dating.

You see, I amwas shy.¬† When i said previously that “we” had decided to start dating, that wasn’t entirely accurate.¬† You see, Angel initiated the conversation.¬† All I did was say that I was interested in taking our relationship to the next level.¬† She decided not to initiate our first kiss.¬† In truth, that was the right thing to do.¬† I had to be an equal partner in our relationship of it would not have lasted.¬† So, she waited patiently for me to kiss her…for three weeks.

In fact, we both fell asleep on a futon in my first apartment during that three-week period.  So we slept together, before we kissed.

Finally she asked me if I was ever going to kiss her.¬† Somehow, that caught me off guard.¬† Needless to say, once I realized that I was allowed to kiss her, I did.¬† You can chalk this up to ignorance, or shyness, or obliviousness.¬† But ultimately, although she didn’t “initiate” the kiss, she did prompt it.

Next Time: The Proposal Story

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How I Met Your Mother Part 5 – The Summer of Love

So it had only been 8 months since Angel had decided to “take a year off”.¬† In the last few weeks before the summer she had found out that I liked her, but “we” had decided to “just be friends”.

The summer of 1996 was a particularly interesting one for me.  I left my job at Kroger to take an internship at CFW (a telecommunications company based in Waynesboro, VA).  One of the big benefits of this internship is that I was able to set my own hours.  I chose 4:30 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Thursday.  Waynesboro is only a half-hour drive from Harrisonburg (where JMU is located) and Angel had yet again stayed in town for the summer.  So with a three-day weekend every weekend and an early end of the day every work day, I had plenty of time to spend with Angel.

Angel and I started to eat lunch together again.  She even came to Waynesboro to go to some of the local places a few times.  And in the evenings we would often times spend the time watching a movie at her apartment.  We would also e-mail several times a day.

One day, she e-mailed me to say she had a horrible day.¬† She talked about it a little.¬† Well, I decided to cheer her up.¬† So I left work early, picked up a half-gallon of cookies and cream ice cream and rented “The American President”.¬† Then I waited in a parking lot near her house.¬† This was a Wednesday, so I had work early the next day and Angel and I didn’t have plans.¬† When she came home she stopped on the doorstep to talk to one of her roommates and I could tell they were inviting her out.¬† Luckily, she declined.¬† Once she went inside I pulled my car around to her apartment and knocked on her door.¬† She smiled when she saw me.¬† She told me later that this was a defining moment in our relationship.¬† We ate the E-C-I (Ice Cream) and watched the movie holding hands.¬† After the movie we tickled and flirted.¬† Then I went home.

Something else we did a lot this particular summer is to go to the top of Afton mountain to a golf course (Swananoah if you are wondering).  We would park in the parking lot and watch the starts from the hood of my 1984 Honda Prelude.  It was at one of these star gazings that Angel agreed to finally officially date me.  Not more than two months later we tried to remember what day that was.  We decided on August 8, 2006.  Though neither one of us could remember exactly.  The next day we went to the zoo at Natural Bridge for our first real date.

I have a lot of fond remembrances from that summer, but to tell you the truth, there wasn’t much that we actually did.¬† Lunch, star gazing and movies were pretty much it.¬† But that summer was one of the happiest of my life.

Next Time: We start to date, and swapping slobber.

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How I Met Your Mother Part 4 – Angel takes a break

So Angel was dating another guy and it was killing me.  Over the summer we had started to (not) date, but that had ended once her new beau had told her to stop seeing me.

But once we got back to school in the fall, Angel and I had several classes together.  We had worked so well as lab partners that we instinctively gravitated toward each other again.  Joe had changed his class schedule to take the same classes we were, and he was understandably hurt when she chose me to work with.

The final straw was when Angel and I left a class (ISAT-211) together to work on a project for another class (ISAT-241) that we were not even in the same section of.  She needed my help with an expert system (not unusual, that project was killer and I helped out a lot of people, both male and female, with the complexities).

The next day I got to class (ISAT-231) early, as I usually did.  Angel shows up in a good mood and tells me that she and Joe had broken up over the incident. 

Earlier in the summer¬†she had been dating a guy named Jason she knew from the university religious group to which she belonged.¬† They had also broken up when she brought me around before one of our lunch dates.¬† So I was 2 for 2 with breaking up Angel’s dates. Something I am unnecessarily proud of now. ūüôā

But during that same pre-class talk, Angel told me that she was going to take a year off of guys.¬† She wouldn’t date for a year.

Needless to say, that hurt.  By this time Angel was the only girl I was really interested in.  But I was too shy to say so.

Over that school year Angel, Alana, Chris and I spent a lot of time together.¬† We did homework and hung out.¬† We had our “International Dinner Parties” where each of us would bring a dish from a different country.

Then, one day, Angel and I are chatting on-line when she asks me if I like her.

My heart almost stopped.

It turns out that one of her roommates, Laura Walko, had told her that I liked her.¬† Apparently she noticed the way I would flirt with Angel, but not with anyone else.¬† I’m not sure where we would have gotten had Laura not planted the seeds in Angel’s mind.¬† For that I will always be grateful.

I told Angel that I did like her but that I respected that she wanted to take a year off from dating.¬† She had said that she didn’t want to lose me as a friend and “we” decided that we would not date.¬† That was about a week before the end of our sophomore year.¬† That summer would be one of the longest and greatest of my life…but I am getting ahead of myself again.

Next Time:  The Summer of Love.

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How I Met Your Mother Part 3 – The Song that says it All

After my freshman year of college I decided to take a couple of summer classes to get rid of some general education classes that were unnecessarily required for my degree.The first week of classes in the May session I went to a computer lab and logged in to the JMU e-mail system.  At the time, it was an old VAX mainframe system.  In this system you could query who was on line at the time.  In fact, with my being geekily inclined, I had set it up to show my if anyone I liked was online when I logged in.

So, when I logged in I noticed that Angel was on-line.¬† I didn’t realize she was taking classes over the summer, so it was a pleasant surprise that she was in town.

I phoned her (this was the VAX version of instant messaging).  I did something out of character.  I asked her out to lunch!

That was really hard for me to do.

My friend Cory and I discussed this lunch date¬†on the basketball court¬†before Angel and I met for lunch.¬† We decided that if only one of us payed, that counted as a date.¬† So, when¬†Angel and I finished out meal at Spanky’s that day, I was sure to pay with a “You can pay next time” comment.¬† In my mind, that made it a date. In her mind, we were friends.

A couple of weeks later we had made arrangements to meet again.¬† I met her in the old modular building that served as the ISAT building in those early days of the program.¬† She was a Teaching Assistant over the summer and I found her there with Joe, who was also a TA.¬† Joe asked me if we were dating and I said “No” (stupidly).¬†

Joe asked her out and actually made sure she knew it was a date.¬† After a couple of weeks he asked her to stop going to lunch with me.¬† Which she did.¬† She didn’t tell me why, but I knew something was amiss when she refused to go to see Apollo 13 with me.¬† We had watched “Space Camp” in her room early in the summer (the first of many movie viewing, but also the first time I had been in a girl’s room)¬†and we both couldn’t wait for the movie.¬† Joe wasn’t as interested in the movie as we were, so I figured we could go together.

Looking back on it I know Angel was in a difficult situation.¬† I still pick on her a bit for this decision.¬† But I try not to rub it in.¬† After all, at this time she still didn’t know I was interested in her.That same summer a song came out that was released on both the Rock and Country charts (by different artists).¬† The song was Nobody Knows it But Me.¬† It was such a good description of how I felt that summer that¬†I still remember many of the words.¬†

But Joe’s controlling nature would come back to get him.¬† And it wouldn’t even be the first guy I had run out of Angel’s social life.¬†

But that will have to wait until next time:  Angel takes a break.

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How I Met Your Mother Part 2 – Lab Partners and Being Brought in to the Loop.

I mentioned previously that I was (and still am) a shy guy.  So the meeting with Angel, although unusual, was not really going to lead anywhere (no matter how much I wanted it to).

But another fortuitous occurrence put us back together.¬† As I mentioned previously, we had a class together 2nd semester of our Freshman year at JMU.¬† The class, ISAT 112 – Environmental studies, included a lab.¬† Yet again Angel took the initiative and offered to be my lab partner.¬† I’m not sure what lead to that initiative.¬† I hadn’t really proved my intelligence (and Angel had been with plenty of dumb lab partners before me).

But over that semester we really got to know each other in lab.  That is really where I learned that Angel was something special.  Not just eye candy (she was/is nice to look at), but smart and kind as well.  At that point Angel took the lead in my list of crushes.

Like many men, I was interested in a large number of women.¬† I even remeber some of their names today:¬† Amy Basalla, Megan something, Amy Senger, Dawn Heineman.¬†But Angel was the best.¬† She wasn’t the most attractive (Dawn & Megan were both sexier).¬† And she didn’t show the most interest (Amy Senger actually asked me out on a date).¬† She might have been the smartest (Amy Basalla & Angel tied for the top GPA in ISAT).¬†¬†¬†But she was the most compatible with me and my personality.¬† She even genuinely laughed at my jokes (and still does!).

But I think the best thing that Angel did was introduce me to my closest college friends.  Chris Dana, Alana Takeuchi, Todd Deering, Angel and I were fast friends.  We did almost everything together.  Those friendships were more important to my growth as a human being than any class or degree.  I felt like I was accepted by a group of my peers, which was unusual for me at the time.  They were smart also (each in their own way), which helped me to keep to my studies.  If I had not had those friends, I doubt I would have graduated, much less grown in to the adult I am today.

But at this point, although i was is lust with Angel, she showed no interest in me.  Unfortunately that would not change for some time.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Next Time: A Summer of frustration and the song that described it.

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