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The Reason for my Absence

I hope that you have noticed that I haven’t been posting over the past few weeks.  The reason?  I was fired from my job.  Not only was I rather embarrassed by the fact that I was fired, but I also happen to do most of my blogging at work.  Don’t worry, the two are not related.

You see, I have been suffering from depression for the last couple of years.  Actually according to my psychologist it is a much longer time period, it has just gotten really bad since Dante was born.  I have been trying to receive treatment from my GP for the past year or so, but the medications have been difficult to determine.  I have started a new treatment recently with my Psychologist that seems to be doing better (neuro feedback).

As a result of my illness, my immune system has been suppressed.  Therefore I have been sick more often and it has taken longer to get over the illness.  Also, the mear fact of being depressed has made it difficult for me to go to work.  This has resulted in my missing a little time (ok, 24 days in the past six months – granted most of that was due to a drug reaction).  Although I have missed time, I have also worked a lot of overtime when I have been there.  To be exact, over that same period I worked an extra 96 hours (12 days worth). 

Unfortunately the person who made the decision didn’t give me a chance to explain.  She didn’t know me, or the quantity or quality of work that I accomplished.  She just terminated me after I called in sick one too many times.  I want to stress that I enjoyed my job, and with the obvious exception I liked the people I worked with.

So, why am I posting now?  I got a new job.  I was unemployed for an entire 8 work days (although I do have another week off while people do their paperwork).  I’m doing the same work, just for a manufacturing company (Ingersol-Rand).  It’s a short term contract, but the pay is pretty good and the job looks interesting and challenging.  I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my professional career and I hope against hope that they will decide to extend my contract.  If not, I guess I will be back on the unemployment line around Christmas.  I guess there are worse things though.


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