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All I ever needed to know about life I learned from watching Stargate.

There are entire books with this theme.  I myself own both the Star Trek and Star Trek the Next Generation. 

This will likely become a recurring theme.  It will include “lessons” from any of the Stargate series and movie including but not limited to SG-1 and Atlantis.

Now without further ado:

A little Jello goes a long way:  Whether it is just to help someone feel better or because you are infected with an alien probe, sometimes Jello is the best remedy.

“I want to live, I want to experience the universe, and I want to eat pie.”: Who doesn’t?  Experiencing life is almost as important as merely living.  And you doesn’t want pie?

An original greeting can help you stand out from the rest:“Hello” is too commonplace.  Try “Greetings” or better yet “Kumtria”.

Sometimes not understanding a thing can bring great pleasure: “If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.”  For many years SG-1 fans have contemplated the meaning of these words.  They inspire creative thinking and philosophical discussions.

If you have leave, it is best to actually leave…unless the Asguard need you for an urgent mission: Vacations are important.  Take them when you can.


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